Wedding Wishes!!

Wedding Wishes!!
Wedding Wishes!!

minimal makeup but hair all doled up!! We are ready to party!

Last Weeks Wishes

1. Get my ring clean - DONE! It's so pretty.
2. Get dress altered - DONE! They didn't do it the way I wanted though so I am not sure how I feel about it.
3. Enjoy lunch with Abigail - Love her!
4. Get teeth cleaned - ouch! This was the first time I truly bleed at a dentist four days later and I still hurt!
5. Drive Safely - yup! We arrived just before the fog took over
6. Have fun on Saturday! Take lots of pictures!! - Kinda.
7. Run everyday! (except Saturday and Sunday) - nope I decided not to.

Wedding Wishes!!

and this would be the rest of the makeup

This Weeks Wishes


This Months Goals

1. Spring clean the house
2. Get rid of junk
3. Organize closet, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, shelves
4. HTML courses max
5. Devour books

Happy Monday!!

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