The Cake Topper

The Cake Topper

So this is one of the bad parts of our wedding planning experience. As it is after the wedding and Etsy would not allow me to post my full review I have decided to post the full thing on here.

My experience with this Etsy seller "Cherry Red Topper" was frustrating. Before purchasing she was extremely helpful and very responsive. After purchase (October 9th 2014) and original email sending picture details, I heard nothing back for two months (attempted contact November 8 2014 and December 22 2014). It wasn't until I created a Twitter conversation with Etsy Help (January 6 2015) and filed complaints that she finally responded.

She responded and said my product was in the mail and I then received a shipping confirmation. This was not what we had originally agreed upon. In her purchasing agreement she says she will send you pictures of the artwork before it is finalized so you an approve the product. I never received pictures of what it looked it.

I received it today (January 23 2015). When I opened the package I discovered that the product was inadequately protected and damaged. I am happy with how the product looks, she did a great job matching my pictures to her artwork, it is unfortunate that both laptops were broken. There was no physical damage to the box that it arrived in, so I don't believe this happened due to shipping. This is easily fixed with appropriate glue, but the frustration with the overall experience has made it hard to leave a pleasant review.

Also something I just realized the item was suppose to be six inch in circumference but it's only four.

I have bought a few things on Etsy and have never had a problem. I will probably continue to buy things from there, so this was an unfortunate experience.

I would also like to add that on the day off it looked beautiful!!

Happy Thursday!!

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