Dress Wishing

Dress Wishing

Last week when visiting Kevin's family I tried on this dress. I shouldn't have done it and it thankfully didn't fit, but I really want it... it's $145 and ohhhhh so pretty!!

Last Weeks Wishes

  • Go Swimming - yup!! Had allot of fun too!!
  • Spend an entire day with Jillian!! - not an entire day but a couple hours.
  • Do lots of photo scanning and designing - photo scanning was successful but there was a ton of photos and I haven't gotten to the designing yet.
  • Hit the gym with Karen - hopefully get my running mojo back!! - nope stuff happened and it didn't work. But I think that's alright.
  • Continue on my current writing streak even if I am not ready to share it - I didn't write allot but it was still there.

This Weeks Wishes

  • Gym Time!! - use my running app.
  • Read - I am so behind and I just got another big thing of books, finish at least three books. Should be possible.
  • Go to a Coffee shop.
  • Come up with some creative photo shoot ideas.
  • Skype with Daphne.
  • Clean the House.
  • Eat Healthy - get back to tracking what I eat.
  • Redo my nails.
  • I have allot of goals this week but I want that dress, so I gotta work towards it!!

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