The Full Deal of Goals

The Full Deal of Goals
The Full Deal of Goals

If I did a monthly goal list for February I can't find it and seeing as I categorize everything I highly doubt I did. I thought I would do an update on my Yearly Goals and touch on last weeks as well. Then set new goals for the month and a weekly goal.

You can see my Yearly Goals Here

2015 Blogging Goals

  • Redesign the blog UPDATE - March 2, it's getting closer
  • Join Instagram UPDATE - joined February 2. I love it!! Can't believe I waited!
  • Fix my Bloglovin' and Facebook issues UPDATE - I might just be self publishing for the moment

2015 Fitness Goals

  • Train for a 10k UPDATE - March 2, not going well. I made it to week 4 and then had a bad week so I am back at week 2. But I am trying
  • Utilize Gym Membership UPDATE - March 2, I seem to be using it okay

2015 Personal Goals

  • Be less angry UPDATE - March 2, helps that I am not working in a terrible environment anymore
  • Think more before reacting UPDATE - March 2, this is an ongoing project. But I am not around people that much anymore and that helps me think allot more before I react.
  • Get Married UPDATE - February 3, success... now to wait for the pictures!

Last Weeks Goals

  • Gym Time!! - unsuccessfully. I went once
  • Read - I finished two books but have so many others I need to read...
  • Go to a Coffee shop - I did technically one day. I'm just not sure it's something I want to keep trying to do.
  • Come up with some creative photo shoot ideas - yup post tomorrow
  • Skype with Daphne - yup. I was sick but it was good
  • Clean the House - kinda a success... it's a never ending job. A frustrating one.
  • Eat Healthy - my tummy as of late is constantly on fire... so it's rather difficult to eat. I eat whatever doesn't make it toss.
  • Redo my nails - sorta... this then happened.

This Months Goals

  • Apply for jobs
  • Looking at taking some classes
  • Read "Jesus Feminist" and write some blog posts with my sister
  • Run when I can

This Weeks Goals

  • Keep the apartment clean - since not working I have become a slob
  • Gather stuff for Thank you letters
  • Bring coffee to Abigail
  • Met Gurjit for Coffee
  • Call Shannon
  • Call Rosa
  • Get a Massage

This week I am hoping participating in FatMumSlim'sDaily Photo Project. Today's is "Part of me" the picture at the top is a part of me. Cute boots, skirts, and jackets and always with a camera! Happy Monday XOXO

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