The Spot Wishes

The Spot Wishes
The Spot Wishes

This is our working spot for the moment. He is doing homework and I am working. It's a fun little spot and we are currently spending allot of hours there.

Last Weeks Goals

Keep the apartment clean - I used the dirt dog over the entire house, did six loads of laundry, continually made sure all my clothes were off the floor and put away and wiped down the counters. Now to do this continually!!

Gather stuff for Thank you letters - nope didn't even start. We can't decide wait for wedding photos or send out early. Also what design do I want to do.

Bring coffee to Abigail - I did and we even went to the gym!

Met Gurjit for Coffee - fail.

Call Shannon - fail.

Call Rosa - successful disaster. I forgot the reason I stopped calling is because she doesn't listen. Nothing worse than having a supposed friend who doesn't listen unless your gossiping.

Get a Massage - omg this healed me so much. I needed it.

This Weeks Goals

A fun photo shoot

Host game night again on my own (Mondays and Thursdays) - this is scary

Skype with Nicole - does this count if we already planned to do this??

Continue building blog business plan

Drive to Lethbridge

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