Bunny Wishing!!

Bunny Wishing!!
Bunny Wishing!!

I love this little bunny!!

Last Weeks Goals

  • A fun photo shoot - nope. Some things happened and I wasn't motivated to do it. I am posting more about it tomorrow!
  • Host game night again on my own (Mondays and Thursdays) - ironically both canceled... ohh well.
  • Skype with Nicole - and we are doing it again tomorrow! (I think... oh dear)
  • Continue building blog business plan - it's coming along nicely.
  • Drive to Lethbridge - closure, good times, frustrations. Glad I went.

This weeks goal

  • Get hair to proper level.
  • Apply for jobs at book stores.
  • Start 21 Day Mediation Challenge.
  • Hit the Gym 4 times.
  • No sugar beside one bowl of ice cream or a milkshake.
  • Catch up on reading Quiet and answer questions.
  • Finish research and writing "Is the Bible Against Women".
  • Begin Chapter 2 reading on Jesus Feminist, write and research response.

Happy Monday!!

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