The Interview

Business attire is always difficult for me. I am not a fan of pant suits. Sure they look absolutely amazing but I am just not comfortable in them. Give me a pencil skirt or an dress any day.

I walk into the office and I am bold... I mean leopard print is not a quite outfit and there sits a girl. She is a  beautiful girl, wearing traditional interview clothes - black slacks, black pumps, a light blue blouse with a black blazer. Nothing stands out, it's the continuation of a perfect tradition, aka not me at all. We do the customary nods and I sit down.

A few moments later another lady walks in. She's pulled the traditional look a little differently with a black leather printed skirt, with the blue blouse, black blazer and black pumps. She also looks amazing, but within a few minutes of sitting across from each other you can tell she isn't comfortable.

When your pulling your skirt, you aren't fooling anyone.

Slowly everyone goes in for the interview and finally it's my turn. The interview is 15 minutes long and if they like you in that fifteen minutes you are invited to stay for a presentation with the regional manager and do a group interview.

I stayed, I did the interview. I participate and pay attention and it's a good thing too because the RM asks us each a question and if your not on top of it she's not happy (the first girl I mentioned had her name said three times before she responded, not sure if I should feel sorry for her or shake her for not paying attention!). At the end of it, it's another 15 minute interview. And then if you are successful she invites you back the next day for one more.

Do I want to work for this company? Something feels off... she gives me a package and out the door I walk.

While I was waiting for my turn, Kevin and I chatted over GTalk and this was our conversation:

ME: "So I don't want an office job. There's no way I could do it again. Is there a point to even doing the interview."

KEVIN: "Are just second guessing yourself?

ME: "I don't think so. I just walked in and it's a closed office space with harsh light and I want nothing to do with offices. I want bright and airy and creativity."

After it's all said and done. I review the package and confirm my suspicions, something is off. Kevin agrees when he's had a chance to sit down and review. While the company it's self is not a scam, their tactics and objections are off. They are telling to tell me it's not a sales role but all the details tell me otherwise. I call and cancel the next day interview.

For one, one small moment I could see myself doing it again. I could see myself losing my creativity in the pursuit of money. I am thankful the opportunity was not something realistic because when I sat on it and took a look at who I am, putting myself back in an office can't be where I'm going. Even if I get a retail job, it's better than throwing myself into a role that will make me bitter and hate people. I can stay true to myself and keep this creative momentum. If I never make my billions at least I'd be honest with myself and happy.

At the end of the day, I am starting to feel that is more important.

I posted a vote regarding what I should wear to the interview last week, and ended with the leopard as you can tell from above. Follow my instagram for current posting!

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