Switching Up with Wishing

Switching Up with Wishing
Switching Up with Wishing

These two ladies are who I spent my week with

Last weeks goal

Get hair to proper level - it's mostly there! And I am so much happier with it!

Apply for jobs at book stores - well, so this week has been utterly crazy.  Monday night I got a call and off I went to Lethbridge for 3 days.

Start 21 Day Mediation Challenge - even with the challenge of going to Lethbridge I only missed day 4! It was harder to do, but I am super happy I was still able manage the mediation.

Hit the Gym 4 times - well with the trip I managed one trip to the gym. I could have gone again, but I choose to do a small workout in the house. It was ab and butt related.

No sugar beside one bowl of ice cream or a milkshake - Lethbridge trip throw this out the window. But I really want to make this a continued goal.

Catch up on reading Quiet and answer questions - nope. I am soo behind!

Finish research and writing "Is the Bible Against Women" - nope. Fingers crossed this week!!

Begin Chapter 2 reading on Jesus Feminist, write and research response - nope, blah I am behind on all my projects!!

This weeks goals

I created a calendar to better schedule my days and hopefully get ahead on my projects!! So this week is all about testing that schedule and seeing how it goes. Figure out where I need to make adjustments and where I need to work, whether it's in house or out.

Evaluate my work situation and create a plan.

Organize my desk.

Run the dirt dog and swifer the floor.

Eat Clean with only a bowl of ice cream once a day as my sugar rush.

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