Special Event Rentals

Special Event Rentals

"Special Event Rentals was a great company to work with. They allowed me to change my order as needed and provide excellent customer service. Grace was wonderful and when she was away the rest of the staff helped out with my questions. I would definitely rent from them again!"

That is what I wrote for my review. Special Event Rentals were great to work with. And they had everything I needed. My original order cost was close to $900.00, this was including all dinnerware, lights, backdrop, and runner. I ended up finding most of those things for allot cheaper by DIY or special purchase.So as I got more planning done and worked out, I ended up only needing a single table and special tablecloth.

I didn't really need that table cloth. BUT it honestly it just fit so well! And I am so happy we went with it! Special Event Rentals was awesome when it came to adjusting my order.

This is how it turned out when it was all send and done! My awesome backdrop, the sequence table cloth, the cake topper (that we didn't have a cake for!) and of course, Pascal!

Now if only I had been able to keep that cloth... ;)

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