Productivity When You Wake Up at Noon

Productivity When You Wake Up at Noon

What happens when you want to have a productive morning and wake up at noon...

Four a.m. bedtime #weekend #purplehair #mrandme

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That has been my last few weekends and some weekdays. I should find a night job :)


Last Weeks Goals

I created a calendar to better schedule my days and hopefully get ahead on my projects!! So this week is all about testing that schedule and seeing how it goes. Figure out where I need to make adjustments and where I need to work, whether it's in house or out.

This goal went well!! I am definitely going to continue it this week. I am switching it up a little bit and reorganizing it. In a few weeks we shall see how this is working for me. 

Evaluate my work situation and create a plan.

fail. I totally didn't get to this. 

Organize my desk.

actually I just rearranged the whole living room. 

Run the dirt dog and swifer the floor.

yup, done, I might even lend the dog out.

Eat Clean with only a bowl of ice cream once a day as my sugar rush.

I failed one day but it's getting better!

This Weeks Goals

Read!! Seriously I am sooooo behind. I need to finish

- Quiet

- Not That Kind of Girl

- The 20 Project

Rewrite and spread my resume

Go to a movie or two :)

Work through HTML coding class

SO it's been a very long time since I've done an update on our 100 Day No Spend Challenge, I haven't done one since January 19th! So an update

We have been really good!! Only eating out once a week (though my mother seems to think we eat out every single meal, we don't!). I haven't bought anything extra, everything was wedding expenses and since the wedding week I haven't bought anything. Except for presents for other people that were expected plans. I have felt really good about finances. The only thing really stands out is Kevin's lunches, he's been eating out a ton because we haven't been thinking about lunches when shopping.

It's a boring update but it's there. :)

Happy Monday!

P.S. I'm doing my monthly wishes next week! :)

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