My Wedding Series

My Wedding Series

Ceremony Set Up Idea

When I am planning something I draw it out and while it didn't turn out how this is drawn. It's pretty close. I don't have any wedding photo's yet, it's been two months and I got a lovely email from the photographer apologizing and saying I would get them until the end of the month when she is back from holidays. She does beautiful images so it will be worth the wait, but it's hard to be patient! So I think this will be the last Wedding Wednesday until I got those images! This post is a recap every post, I have written so far! Let me know what's your favorite post!

Clutter Box - Wedding
Clutter Box - Wedding

The Not-ly Wed Game

Question 1 - How do you define hospitality?

Question 2 - What do you do when someone is mad at you?

Question 3 - You're stepping onto a tour bus. Where are you?

Question 4 - You want to play in a fun competition with friends. What's the activity?

Question 5 - It's game night. What do you play?

Question 6 - What small thing irritates you? Is there a practical fix?


The Proposal


Special Event Rentals

The Bridal Panel and Catering

Devonian Gardens


Side Pony and a Braid

The "Tucked" Look

Faux Mohawk

Engagement Photos

We're Getting Married

The Big Day

Thank you

To the Amazing People Who Came to Our Wedding


Planning the Wedding

The Beginning of the Plans

Planning an "Us" Event

7 Months of Planning

Before Wedding Events

The Pre-Wedding Celebration

Wedding Expo

The Weekend Before

Wedding Wishes

Dress Shopping with Everyone else

Shopping with my Favorite People

The First Time

Hat Wishes

Dress Shopping Adventures

Feminism and Wedding

Posts About Marriage

My Issues with Marriage

Walking Down the Aisle

Wedding Gifts

Beautiful Arabic Poncho





Cake Topper

My Inspiration


Etsy Flowers
How to make the flowers part 1 and 2
Bigger Ideas
Video Flowers
another Lily


An Idea
Tutorials and more

Hair Inspirations

The Chignon
Fun Braid
Spectacular Hair
Fun Braid

Reception Ideas

One Thought - I decide it was too much effort and that I didn't want to waste my energy

Other Things

Signing Board, Option Number 2, Another Option. These were fabulous ideas but I am so happy with what we actually did

Unplugged Sign. We had the commissioner ask and in the end decided not to worry about it


Sash - I decided that I didn't want anything around my dress

Photos Ideas

Photo Booth - Karen and I talked about props and promptly forgot

I can not wait to get the professional pictures back so I can share them all!! Hopefully soon!!

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