Shower Wishing

Shower Wishing
Clutter Box - Shower Wishing

Kevin's shaving cream exploded in the bathroom, last week. I, of course, took a picture. 

Last Weeks Wishes


  • Quiet - kinda finished more about this later in the week!
  • Not That Kind of Girl - I haven't finished it, but it's this weeks priority!
  • The 20 Project - Success!! Read about it here!!

Rewrite and spread my resume - it's rewritten but needs review



Need a creative pro to review my resume. Anyone out there who won’t mind reviewing one for me? #resume #resumewriting #creative #jobhunting
— Angela Tolsma (@clutterboxblog) March 31, 2015

Go to a movie or two :) - we saw the Kingsman: The Secret Service but I really want to see Fast and the Furious 7

Work through HTML coding class - I did a little but I watched more TV than I should have

This Weeks Wishes

No TV during the day

Be more productive

Go to bed by 11pm

Prep a Photo Shoot for Saturday

Meet Amanda for Coffee (or Tea)

UPDATE on March Goals

Apply for jobs - I had four job interviews and determined my resume was not reflecting what kind of job I wanted and as such needed to be reworked.

Looking at taking some classes - I signed up for HTML Coding Classes, through Code Avengers, they had the style of learning I wanted.

Read "Jesus Feminist" and write some blog posts with my sister - this is a really big project and has such will have allot of bumps. As of right now I know where I want to take the project but will continue discussion with my sister to see how she wishes to continue it. For now that means putting parts of it on hold. Through this project though brought up another subject that I have started researching and I think I will build more into that.

Run when I can - every run I did felt terrible and wasn't working. So I decided to not push myself in a direction I didn't want to go and instead have created a different plan for the next month.

April Monthly Goals

Work Out - I have a plan!!!

- Tuesday - attend either a Fire Class or Lift Class

- Wednesday attend either a Pound Class  or Yoga Class

- Thursday attend either a TKO Class or Force Class

- Saturday attend either a TKO Class or Yoga Class OR go for a Bike ride/Walk with Kevin

- Sunday attend either a ABFit Class or Force Class or Yoga Class

this workout plan may adjust depending on Abigail!

Continue on Research Project

Build Rapport with Children's Festival Staff

Investigate job positions that will utilize my skills

Take some photos

P.S. Happy Birthday Megan!!

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