Coffee (well actually Tea) Wishes

Coffee (well actually Tea) Wishes

Last Weeks Wishes

So last weeks wishes were kinda a wash. Kevin got sick late Monday night and ended up staying home all day until Friday morning when he only went to class because he had a quiz. Having Kevin home really throws off my groove. Tuesday and Wednesday I was alright. Stuck to my plan - gym, visits, groceries. But Thursday we ended up canceling game night and watched TV basically the whole day. 

  • No TV during the day - good except on Thursday. And on the weekend. Oh well
  • Be more productive - Thank goodness for Google Docs! My productivity has been increasing, I just need to schedule things in and that helps a ton. 
  • Go to bed by 11pm - fail. Tuesday I was up to 4am because of Kevin being sick. I can't sleep when he's sick.
  • Prep a Photo Shoot for Saturday - done! I love how they turned out!
  • Meet Amanda for Coffee (or Tea) -  we met for drinks, close enough to home I could walk. Expensive bill but totally worth it.

This Weeks Wishes

  • Visit a coffee shop
  • Work on HTML
  • Take items to the Consignment store
  • Call Shannon
  • Do a photoshoot on Wednesday - in a field... or something

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