Pretty Little Wishes

Pretty Little Wishes

I did my nails in this fun pattern! It was allot of work but so much fun! I had wanted to do it for Easter but that came and went... :) Also Dixit is a fun game, you should try it.

Last Weeks Wishes

Visit a coffee shop - I did go to a coffee shop. You can read about it here. This is actually my favorite post! I am very proud of how I wrote it and I would like to do similar posts!

Work on HTML - kinda... I did some on Sunday because I felt guilty about not doing it. I know just enough for the lessons to be frustrating but not enough to complete the lesson. GAH

Take items to the Consignment store - nope. I'm a chicken when it comes to this. I don't mind going in and browsing but to actually drop stuff off...

Call Shannon - well I didn't call her, instead I emailed. We have been playing phone tag for about a month now. So I wanted to schedule a call time with her. Will get there eventually. 

Do a photoshoot on Wednesday - last week was frustrating due to a migraine. It really took me out. I did manage to make it outside for a couple photos. But they didn't turn out the way I wanted them too. But the effort was made. 

This Weeks Wishes

Finish Reading Not That Kind of Girl

Work on HTML

Work out a plan for the next three weeks that will allow me to get my workouts in and spend time with Kevin. As he is off school for that long

Go for a bike ride or two!

Read another book or two... I'm so behind

Plan trip to BC

Kevin and I am planning a road trip! I have parts of it planned but not everything yet. But I need to start getting ready! For example I need to buy an air mattress, borrow two sleeping bags and ensure we both have proper traveling clothes. I am so so excited for this trip! Happy Monday!!

UPDATE EDIT NOTE: Original pictures lost

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