Update on Life Lately

Update on Life Lately
Update on Life Lately: Sushi

Kevin and I went out for Sushi at the Sho Sushi Bar & Kitchen. This is my current favorite place to get sushi! Mostly because they have Monkeys Fists (the picture below), which is Avacodo stuffed with crab, fried in tempura batter covered with sriracha cream sauce. It is amazing! They also have tempura ice cream! Because if your gonna do it, you might as well go all the way!

I am in the midst of planning a road trip. I haven't planned one before. Plus we keep changing out minds. Do we just go to Abbotsford and Vancouver or do we drop down to Seattle too? How long are we going for? Hotels, AirBnB or crash at people's houses??

But a big part of the planning is our car. Will it make it through the mountains and if it doesn't how do we get back??

Update on Life Lately: Car

If you've been reading for a while. You'll know that I have been trying to train for a 10K race. I haven't been feeling it for a while though and all my runs have been terrible.

So I decided to give other things ago this month

. So I have been taking tons of gym class pictures... not while the class is going because that would be weird. But while I'm waiting for things to start. I have been really enjoying these classes. Even if weird muscles have been hurting (my butt for starters). You can see my other gym pictures on my

Instagram (here and here)

It's getting nicer out so I went onto the balcony to clean it for summer usage and discovered my bin holding my rollerblades had cracked. Thankfully everything inside wasn't damaged from weather. But it's a good reminder that I should really get good wearing these things again!

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