The Week of Packing

The Week of Packing
The Week of Packing - Brownies

I remade these brownies for a party we were having (see tomorrows post). While Kevin and I aren't fans of them, they went really fast and I can't believe how easy they are to make! Be sure to check out the recipe!! And let me know if you make them.

This Weeks Wishes

  • Finish Reading Not That Kind of Girl - I am soooo close like 15 pages away!
  • Work on HTML - I have some exciting changes coming but it's kinda changed how I am going to approach this as well. 
  • Work out a plan for the next three weeks that will allow me to get my workouts in and spend time with Kevin. As he is off school for that long - kinda, we plan to go for a bike ride for an hour each day. But there is an issue with this plan - We have different endurance levels. So the last time we went riding I choose to stand the entire time and pretend I didn't have a seat. I also upped how hard my pedaling could be. It worked my thighs were sore afterwards. I hope that we can both build up endurance. I'd like to go far with this!!
  • Go for a bike ride or two! - two was successful!!
Another bike ride! We didn’t go as far as before because we found the Kensington Wine Market instead... Bought a nice bottle of Port for after Kevin exam tomorrow! #bikeride #bike #mrandme #purplehair #wine #market #yyc #sunshine #helmetsaresexy
— (@clutterboxblog) on Apr 21, 2015 at 2:17pm PDT
  • Read another book or two.. - I read three!! Woohoo!! The Ryn, The Remedy and The Legacy of the Seahorse
  • Plan trip to BC - This is going well! I am not going to share an itinerary on here until afterwards, but I have everyday worked out except three. Two of those days just requires one phone call and the last one I am undecided, we might just drive straight through to get home or find a hotel. But I might just leave that up to chance. 

This Weeks Wishes

I have a fair bit to do this week so I am just gonna list it all

  • Volunteer on Friday
  • Skype with Nicole
  • Host Two Game Nights
  • Drop off rent cheques
  • Have dinner with Abigail
  • Go for a Bike Ride
  • Pack for trip (clothes, camera items)
  • Call Mom - return items and borrow sleeping bags
  • Buy air mattress
  • Buy some groceries for the trip
  • Use up groceries in fridge or give the rest to Mom

Have a good week, enjoy myself and don't stress out about the details

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