The Last of the Goals

The Last of the Goals

Last week was the very last Weekly Wishes hosted by The Nectar Collective. However I wanted to do one last check in and finalize all my goals for May and last week. I might continue a version of this, but for now I haven't decided.

Last Weeks Wishes Final Update

Volunteer on Friday - success!! I also volunteered on Thursday!

Skype with Nicole - success!

Host Two Game Nights - success!

Drop off rent cheques - success!

Have dinner with Abigail - success!

Go for a Bike Ride - success!! We went for 8.7 KM! and through downtown it was hard!

Well I was right - so far it has been a successful day! 8.7 kilometer bike ride through downtown traffic, legs are shaky but it was fun!!
— Angela Tolsma (@clutterboxblog) April 30, 2015

Pack for trip (clothes, camera items) - success!

Call Mom - return items and borrow sleeping bags - success!

Buy air mattress - OMG expensive but we did it

Buy some groceries for the trip - fail... we ended up doing it at our hotel stop. 

Use up groceries in fridge or give the rest to Mom - kinda success, I ended up giving Mom too much and not leaving us enough food for the two days we were still home... Oh well

Have a good week, enjoy myself and don't stress out about the details - semi success, I am just really angry lately with no excuses as to why. It's frustrating for both Kevin and I.

April Monthly Goals Update

Work Out - I have a plan!!!

- Tuesday - attend either a Fire Class or Lift Class

- Wednesday attend either a Pound Class  or Yoga Class

- Thursday attend either a TKO Class or Force Class

- Saturday attend either a TKO Class or Yoga Class OR go for a Bike ride/Walk with Kevin

- Sunday attend either a ABFit Class or Force Class or Yoga Class

this workout plan may adjust depending on Abigail! - so I should have said this plan depends on Kevin, because two weeks in and he was out of school which threw my whole plan out the window. Until that point I had been doing awesome. I am not sure where we are going next in our fitness level. But it might be more biking and canceling the gym membership. 

Continue on Research Project - slowly but coming along fine

Build Rapport with Children's Festival Staff - I hope I am. They called me in for an extra day. As well as offered me a paid 5 day position during the festival. Yea for Rapport!!

Investigate job positions that will utilize my skills - not much luck but too be honest I haven't been seriously looking either

Take some photos - success!! Not to get posting them! I am behind. 

Happy Monday!!

P.S. that is a picture of a bee inside our house!! I think we need to get another screen replaced! For May that bee is massive!! It took us forever to finally shoo it outside

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