Things I'm proud of

I usually call myself a teenager with a credit card. My life overall is responsibility free and because of that it's hard to gauge success. So I wanted look at the things that have made me proud. 

Moments of Adulting

Even if I am living like a teenager, Kevin and I have had to make a few adult decisions.

  • Planning a trip for 20 people, from flights, to food, to entertainment. I think it turned out well.
  • Taking a look at other apartments to see if was worth moving and deciding it isn't worth it even if the place has hardwood. The cost of moving, plus the increase of rent would be an extra expense and no apartment we saw could beat the light in our current place. 
  • Deciding between getting a new car or financing our current one. The new car would have been very expensive (almost ten grand more than our current one) and we choose the more financially secure move of keeping our current car with its lower payments and insurance. This affects us financially by freeing up more money to pay off debt. But it sucks because new car...
  • This decision.

Moments of Growing Pains

Like a teenager I am starting to learn and understand my emotions. Hopefully making me a more balance, well-rounded human being. I made the decision to seek help, in the form of therapy and I committed myself to doing things. Yoga for one but I also committed to reaching certain reading goals while also choosing books written by people with different life experience than me. AKA books not written by white cisgender men or women. This isn't really a growing pain and more of a "WOW, how did I not know to diversify before".

I've also taken a different approach to my social media. The amount of time I spend online and the content I absorb does affect my mood. Within the first quarter of 2017 I deleted Facebook from my phone. It's still accessible via browser but it's not something I can easily scroll through anymore. As the year has progressed I've found myself spending less and less time online and the time I do spend is focused. It's direct on my blog or on my education. It's hasn't been easy but I feel like not spending my time on social media, especially when I'm standing in line at the grocery store has made me a happier person. Taking the time to disconnect is so important. 

Everything else

I am proud of the slow but steady betterment of my writing.

I am proud of my photography and how much I've grown ten years ago to now.

I am proud of how I drive. I am proud of how I handle interactions with strangers. I am proud of my garden. I am proud of my blog, my Instagram, and collection of yoga clothes. I am proud of all the baking and cooking experiments I've done. I am proud to be me.

What are you proud of today?


I'm a lifestyle blogger, covering deep subjects including body images, battles with food, and overcoming how I was raised. I try to be as authentic as possible and I don’t sugar coat how I see things.