Urban Gardening - Winter Update

Urban Gardening - Winter Update
Urban Gardening - Winter Update
Urban Gardening - Winter Update

April I was full of great intentions. Dreams of a large strawberry patch and growing yummy things. From seed to plant, it was looking good and I was excited! I planted swiss chard, basil, oregano, and a few other things. I, not thinking, didn't label any of what I planted and I used up all the seeds and recycled the packaging they had come in. 

Lesson #1: Label your garden!

Things were looking good despite my lack of labeling. Little baby plants were sprouting and I was thrilled to watch it all. When the plants started to bend under the little roof I decided it was time to move them. I prepared their new home, dug my fingers around the little buds and pulled. Those that I didn't kill pulling out of the potting containers made it into the new area and looked okay. I think I lost half trying to move them.

Lesson #2: Buy the compost potting containers vs the plastic. Might seem like a waste of money but it makes life easier and than maybe you’ll have less death. 

Time passed and my little plants grew. The weather warmed up and I got excited about the next step. Pulling out and setting up the greenhouse. I rearranged the patio, built the greenhouse, paid attention to the weather. Once it was consistently over 10 degrees at night I put my plants inside the greenhouse. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday, our only plans were to play some games and enjoy ourselves. Within two hours of setting up the plants the wind came and we heard a bang. We were outside within thirty seconds and found the green house pulled apart and most of my dirt and plants blown away. I was able to save three. Two basil and the rhubarb. 

Lesson #3: Pay attention to the wind

Third floor apartments plus a plastic greenhouse equals disaster. The wind just picked it up no matter what we held it down with. In the end the greenhouse wouldn't stay together for it to be worth it. 

My first attempt at urban gardening did not really work out. I've learned a few things and I am making different plans for next year. For the moment, I am cultivating those three plants inside the house and they are doing well. I have harvested the basil three times and decided to let it flower, because I didn't even know basil could flower! It's a super tall plant and grows a thicker stem as it grows. The rhubarb had a slight big infestation, thanks to the sunflower and that was solved with some poison. I've also learned that you can not harvest from the rhubarb until it's two years old. So for now it's just a plant to watch and treat well, so I get awesome stocks in a few years. Rhubarb is the strange with constantly dying and growing leafs. 

Have you had any garden fails? Or grow anything yummy inside your house?

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