Happy Holidays

I've had this image in mind for a couple months now. I'd even explained and reexplained it to Kevin on multiple occasions. The idea was to take a picture of us standing together in a field of snow holding sparklers. However the weather decided to not cooperate and so I had to adjust my plan. With no snow I was super worried about starting a fire, though Wisconsin is not a dry state, fires do happen and I never want be that person. 

So we found a fire pit

And we played with the sparklers as the sun went down. Which was super nerve-wracking, because of how public of an area we were in! But we did it!

This year I've been working on taking a picture of the two of us, at least once a month. This photo is the last planned one (though I've managed a few this month for my baking post and my experiment post). Next week I'll recap all the photos we took each month. I'm excited for it, because each one is better than the last. 

Happy Holidays

So these are our Christmas photos for the year (see 2016 and 2015). Today I just wanted to say whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a chance to really celebrate it. Be that Christmas or Hanukkah or something I haven't thought of. You deserve to enjoy that time with the people you love. You deserve to be loved and treasured and celebrated. You deserve to celebrate life as best serves you. 

Kevin and I do set up a tree and decorate. But we don't personally exchange presents. I send a few things to family but even that amount is getting less and less. This weekend we will be doing the things we love most, probably video games, making good food, and skyping those who are far away.

How are you celebrating this weekend?

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