2017 Year in Review
2017 Year in Review - January

I love end of the year wrap ups. I thought 2016 was a year of nothing major happening in my life. But this year was even better. You see no major life events happened but I grew. I grew a lot. I wrote about that growth in my Things I'm Proud of Post but this is everything else from 2017.


I don't have enough projects on the go, so I decided create a few.

  1. To take one picture once a month of just Kevin and I. January's is the only kissing photo. I also don't like this photo, especially when viewing the rest. 
  2. Continue with my 1 sec a day video project, the video isn't finished yet and won't be until Dec 31, but I am loving how it looks so far! Be out on the look out for it, next year. 
  3. Try to attend one event every month. Doesn't matter what. In the case of January it was Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest

Also yoga. I joined a studio. I discovered my favorite place to eat mac and cheese. And I had a lot of skype dates. 

2017 Year in Review - February
2017 Year in Review - March


Our anniversary month! All my posts are surrounded by the topic of love, except the last one. Our event was our date night. And this month was boring. I feel like we had a lot of boring months this year where life was full of mundane things. To be honest I am so in love with the day to day, that it's okay. I did discover a great place to go for breakfast. I mailed a lot of packages and I did a lot of content planning. Oh and we played a lot of board games, as per usual. The board game was my inspiration for that months picture of the two of us. 


Oh March was the month I went short and a completely different color than ever before. That haircut inspired some pretty awesome photos. But before I changed my hair, much of the content planning I had done in February came into fruition with a lipstick project and just moments after wrapping up the pictures for that project I was sitting on the floor in frustration when Kevin came over to cheer me up. Resulting in the pretty awesome picture of us on the left. I think this is one of my favorites from the year. Kevin went on his first work trip of the year. It was so hard, but despite those four sad days, it was a pretty good month mostly filled with Torchlight II. Our event out was some random market I heard about, where we bought some beautiful candles. 


This is the month we started something new. Every week on Sunday we head down to Sun Prairie. Kevin hits up the local Starbucks, while I attend my favorite yoga class. Afterwards we get lunch and then go home for an afternoon full of either board games or video games. It's the perfect way to spend a Sunday and we do it almost every week. Our big event was seeing the Chainsmokers live, which is where I took the grainest photo ever and counted it towards my photo of us project (below left). We started my urban garden project and began hardcore planning an event for later in the year. 


Brat Fest, a disappointing festival but one we attending none the less. I did an updated house tour. I attempted to grow sunflowers. I worked on a project that drastically affected my mental health. It was a hard month and I've not much to say about it. So let's get on to June. 

2017 Year in Review - June


Wonder Woman, Kevin's second work trip and I shaved parts of my head, resulting in another pretty awesome set of photos. This month was easier but I took all the emotion and writings from the month of May and organized it, into some intense posts. This month was really about gearing up for July's trip, that had been in the planning for months. 


Finally on our way to Idaho. This trip was the breathe of fresh air we needed. Surrounded by friends and family, we rode roller coasters, ate great food, and exhausted ourselves visiting. I did some interesting things blogging wise. I had this whole month prescheduled and let it run itself. It was nice to take the whole month off and not worry about it. It was good to see it function on it's own and know that I could do that. It made August so much easier, because I was able to use the trip as my planning for the month it. This month was top notch and I think everyone needs holidays like that. 


We came home on the first. This was another intense mental health month for me. I had car issues happen moments before my first therapy session. I also had eye issues and had to stop wearing contacts and get a pair of glasses. I struggled massively with food. But even with all the drama I felt, the month was good. I went to yoga, I went to therapy, I got a massage. Kevin and I went to the farmers market a few times, I traded some books in and got new ones. We looked at new apartments and discovery of just how amazing our current apartment is (even with the ickie carpet). Decided not to move. Our event for the month was going to Gleam. And we celebrated Kevin's birthday, which has one of my favorite pictures of him (the second one not the first, though that is also a favorite).

2017 Year in Review - September


I have a hard time deciding what photo of the two of us, is my favorite. This one ranks pretty high. I took it while we were in Chicago, September was the month of calming effects. Recovered from our Idaho trip and finally dealing with emotional things in a healthy way. This month felt like the month to do something crazy and so we did. Did it pay off? No. But I'm okay with that. What I am super happy about is the fact that I did well handling things. I felt strong, mental, and physically, so I also decided to do 90 days of yoga. We also bought a waffle iron, vitamix, and our first set of adult knifes. OMG we're adults!

2017 Year in Review - October
2017 Year in Review - November


I went back purple hair. I haven't been purple since January and that was more a cool blue tone vs the warm bright purple I am now. I loved the green/blue but this is happiness for me. Purple is my true color, at least for the moment. We went to Disney on Ice, which was white washed and highlighted all the worst parts of Disney movies, except maybe frozen. Kevin had his third and final work trip of the year and I wrapped up a project I had been working on - my Self Portrait History series. I also redesigned some key aspects of the blog, the section on our relationship and wedding were both updated and I created a traveling log. My favorite part of the month though was going back to the Olrich Gardens and taking some photos, like the one above left.


November for me means the beginning of winter fairs, festivals, and snow. We didn't get the snow, but we did go to lots of fairs and festivals. Including a tree lighting and a fire show. We also made the adult decision regarding our car and black Friday sales. I hit sixty days of yoga and we ate a ton of food, mostly eggnog. It's amazing how much I enjoy the beginnings of the holiday season now, it's so different from 10 years ago. The above photo right is us standing in front of Madison City Hall after a brilliant evening of lights. 

2017 Year in Review - December


I think this is my favorite month. While I live for the sun and summer gloriousness. Celebrating the holiday season just the two of us has become something I treasure so much. I get excited for snow. I get excited for the markets. I get excited for the smell of Christmas Trees and all the beautiful lights. It's just so beautiful. There's no guilt to go outside and enjoy the cold weather, instead it's all about curling up on the couch with a cup of hot coco, in front of the fireplace and watching the snow fall (not that it fell very much). Maybe it's because I only have to go out when I choose to but boy, do I love this time of year.  Even though the year isn't quite over, I wanted to capture how I've felt about the last 12 months. And also look toward the future, we have exciting plans for the last weekend of 2017, I am thrilled with what we've done, where we've been, and the people we've become. 

2017 you were a terrible year politically but personally you were wonderful. Cheers to 2018!

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