Project 52 - The Second Half

Project 52 - The Second Half

I know, I know. It's a little early to do a end of the year wrap up, but here I am talking about Everyday Eyecandy - Project 52. I enjoyed this project immensely. When I wrote about the first half of the year I decided to challenge myself and not be in the photos for the rest of the year. Did I succeed at that? No, but I did have fun. Sometimes you take a picture and later look at the prompt and realize it was just fitting and sometimes you get lazy. Either way I hope you'll enjoy my take of the prompts

Week 25 - Fatherhood Week 26 - Summertime Week 27 - Red, White, and Blue Week 28 - Out of Focus

Notes: I love my summertime photo so much. It represents so much of summer 2017 for me. The out of focus one is were I lost my resolve for me not being in the photo. Because the out of focus is just so perfect and I love this photo. 

Week 29 - The Golden Hour Week 30 - Guilty Pleasure Week 31 - Morning Routine Week 32 - Centered

Notes: I don't know if Morning Routine really counts when it was only a routine during holidays. But I loved my get up early and capture the sunrise. 

Week 33 - A Snapshot Week 34 - Love Week 35 - Looking Up Week 36 - School Days

Notes: I love my snapshot photo. But more than anything I am glad I got family into the project, especially with them so far away. 

Week 37 - Apples and Oranges Week 38 - Nature Week 39 - Faceless Portrait Week 40 - Pumpkins

Notes: I hate my apples and oranges picture. Feels so uncreative. But I love my faceless portrait. It was a random picture moment and I absolutely love it. 

Week 41 - Leading Lines Week 42 - 8 AM Week 43 - Boo Week 44 - Framed

Notes: I really struggled with leading lines and decided this eerie one worked well. You're being lead somewhere. The 8am probably would have been better for my morning routine photo, but it's what happened at 8am that day. The spider web will probably be my top picture of the year.

Week 45 - Hands Week 46 - A Smile Week 47 - Thankful Week 48 - Feet

Notes: Kids and electronics, gotta watch those hands. Also my thankful is a pineapple, because pineapple is yummy and I am so thankful to have access to such a variety of fruit and veggies. 

Week 49 - All of the Lights Week 50 - Tis the Season Week 51 - Oh Christmas Tree Week 52 - You: At the End

Notes: Those aren't Christmas lights but that is a hot apple cider that Kevin is drinking. Week 51 is a sneak peak at our Christmas tree! I am so in love with it. 

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this project. It was great having prompts and trying to think outside the box. Would I do this project again? Absolutely. If Everyday Eyecandy offers up prompts again, I will definitely participate. I like that the prompts are weekly and not daily. For 2018 I think I would like to challenge myself to not be in the pictures. 

I'd love to hear what you think of my pictures. Also would you ever do a project like this?

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