Urban Gardening


I dream of having a large strawberry patch. A patch that is rotating and yields me strawberries all seasons. Protected and cultivated. Perfect and yummy, no slugs allowed

I dream of having a home with a glassed in greenhouse, filled with many amazing plants and a area for growing food. I want trees and tropical plants, lots of tropical plants!

With my current knowledge and expertise level there is no way the first dream will happen and finances definitely aren't allowing the second. But dreams are made to be pursued and pursue I shall. Starting off with learning and growing in my urban city apartment. If you have been following for a while, you'll know that plants are not something I keep alive easily. Since my last update on my Killer Green Thumb post, I have killed one, gained two, replanted 3. Overall I would say I am doing pretty good at keeping them alive.

Urban Gardening

So I bought a small greenhouse. It's the perfect size to add to my patio. I've placed it in a spot that gets lots of sunlight, mostly evening and not as much wind as the rest of the patio. We still have had to find a way to tie it down, because empty it wants to take flight! Soon though it should be full and hopefully blooming.

Within the greenhouse is 4 pots - 8 inches wide, 24 inches long and 8 inches deep. Which are the very basics but now I need to fill those pots. I need dirt and seeds. Based on my research I need to buy container soil and granular organic fertilizer. Each pot needs to filled to within an inch of the top, with the bottom plugs pulled out for water drainage. 

As for seeds, I am debating, do I attempt straight from seeds or buy pre-grown plants? According to Wisconsin gardeners the last frost will be approximately around May 14. That's a long time for me to wait and get my garden started. If I bought seeds I could start planting inside until it was warm enough to take them out. The question is what's better? 

That, however, isn't the only question. Besides strawberries, what else do I want to grow? I am currently thinking something like this but it would change:

Top Pot

Full row of strawberries.

Second Row/Pot

Kohlrabi, onions, garlic.

Third Row/Pot

Herbs - mint, thyme, basil.

Bottom Pot

Spinach, chard. 

Other things I would like to grow - cherry tomatoes, peas, and brussel sprouts. 

I have no idea how successful this adventure will be or how the combinations will work. But I am excited to try something new and do my best. 

Are you a gardener? Share your thoughts below! I need all the tips I can get. 

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