Updated House Tour Part Three

Hello and welcome back to my house! Rooms we have left to visit - master bath, laundry, kitchen, and patio. The laundry room and master bath haven't changed at all since the first tour. So the last rooms are the kitchen and patio. 

The Kitchen

I've done a lot of rearranging to make this space work. My goal was to get things off the top of cupboards and counters, and into the space available. To do that, I moved all small appliances, except the kitchen aid, under the sink. Under the sink is a place you can't store food and this is functional. The bread machine and large storage trays went into the laundry room. When the keurig died, it opened up a cupboard that was perfect for my cutting boards and cookie sheets, that were originally under the stove. That spot got filled with pie dishes, cake, and bread pans. 

We bought a mounting rack that took care of soap, wash clothes, and brushes. It also functions as our knife rack. The mounting rack isn't the perfect color, but it is functional and it's not like we have a super modern kitchen anyways. Our drawers were still really full even without the knives and so I went through and tossed duplicates. Making the drawers we do, have so much cleaner. I put all my spices into little trays that could be pulled out of the cupboard as needed. Overall just making the space functional. 


The cupboards and counter tops might be outdated and ugly but you can't say the space doesn't work. And when it comes to cooking that's really all that's needed. If you go back to the original tour, you'll notice that I edited the photos so that the kitchen was gray. This time I didn't. I wanted to be real about having a space this time, instead of showing what it had the potential to be. 

The Patio

It's hard to talk about the patio without talking about plants. The biggest change is the addition of a greenhouse, which you can read about here. We did for a time have a bird bath. I love my birds in the morning and hope this would draw them out more. It wasn't easy to find a patio mounted bird bath and we had to buy an additional piece of plastic to ensure that it stayed in place. 

Bird Bath

We kept it up for just over a month, before taking it down. There's issues though. It's made of plastic mean its very slippery and due to the way it's built very deep. Meaning it's not friendly to smaller birds, which is what I mostly get. We tossed around the idea of adding rocks to the bottom for grip and smaller perches. However we weren't sure was worth buying rocks when the bigger issue is sanitation. The water needs to be kept clean and fresh. Because it's not running water, it could spread disease and cause issues for the birds. Something I do not want. The way it's mounted makes it almost impossible for me to take it off to clean or change the water. In the end we decided to not keep it. Maybe I'll add another feeder. For now this patio will be full of plants and me sitting on the bench reading a book. 

And that's my house! It's the perfect size for two people. It's homey and like I said last week, it's seriously so wonderful living in a place I love deeply. Would I trade the carpets in, absolutely but I won't trade the feeling of having a home. 

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