Updated House Tour Part Two

Hello and welcome back to my home. Last week I showed you the entry way, living room and dining room. Let's get into the rest

The Office

In general I spend all my day time hours in this space. We've rearranged it a few times, but it always ends up back in this position. I like looking out the window and this arrangement gives me the best view. Since my last office update we haven't done a whole lot. 

Big changes include new desk chairs from Steinhafals ($180 total), new computers (built by Kevin), and monitors from newegg. We moved the filing cabinet to the living room and the printer into the bookshelf. We still need to replace one monitor to match the others and buy another one, so we both of two and get a proper speaker system. But those things just aren't high on the priority list yet. 

The chair I was using is now my reading chair in the bedroom, which is what it was original bought for. 

A random organization change from the last tour to this one is my desk space. It's no longer covered in sticky notes, fill of blog post ideas and and to-do lists. I use a journal and day-timer, which in truth has made me so much better organized. If you want to see those, let me know. 

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The "Guest" Bathroom

This space was so boring and I had no idea what to do with it. I love having greenery in every room, but what could possible stay alive in a room that's almost always dark? In the end I went for hanging glass eye drops (found on amazon), with fake air plants (found at world market) inside. We had to figure out a way to hang them without damaging the ceiling and ended up using 3M. The corner didn't feel complete until I found the shelf. That shelf was beyond frustrating! The corner is not 90 degrees. We had a "fun" time sanding the shelf down to fit. The print is something I bought years and years ago and have been saving ever since, trying to find a good place to put it. I am not sure this is it's final spot, but it works for now. 

Lastly we have the tapestry. The stand out piece in this room. My new selfie wall ordered from society6. Does it fit with the feel of the rest of the room? Not really. But I love it, it turned out awesome and Kevin loves the night sky. It actually makes me want to swap out the fake air plants for something sky related, I just have no idea what!

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Master Bedroom

I didn't think I had changed much in this room and then I pulled up old photos. The tall chest of drawers we use to have in here, became our shoes shelf you saw in part one. My chair from the original office tour moved in here. But most importantly we added a plant, met Shaggy. 

He, of course, is the perfect addition to the bedroom. One day I'll find end tables to fit this space and replace what we have, but for now this works. If you want to see what's up on the left wall check out this post. The book on the bed is Rejected Princess by Jason Porath, I read one story out loud almost nightly. My lamp went to the living room and now I use a diffuser as a soft light when going to sleep. My favorite combination of oils is cinnamon/orange (let me know your favorite combos!)

On the other side of the room, we have my reading chair. That's where the shoe shelf use to be. and I rearranged my plants. It's very left side strong, but it works better with the closet on the right functionally. We like to pile clothes on the right side along with jewelry. 

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I'd love to hear your thoughts! Especially if you have ideas for what I could swap out the air plants for! I've got one house post to write and then you'll have see all the corners. It's been wonderful living in a happy space! Let me know your favorite room is so far!

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