Updated House Tour

Welcome back to my home. There have been a lot of changes to it this past year, let me show you the things we've done. 

The Entryway

We took a piece of bedroom furniture that we were no longer using and turned it into a shoe shelf. Then moving the mirror from the bedroom we placed it here and voila, so much better. The shoe shelf wasn't my original plan but I was having trouble finding the right thing. We spent $20 making this work and I won't replace it. It's the right size and color for everything else in this corner. 

It's really nice having the mirror here as I no longer have to traipse through the house to see what I look like before walking out the door.This corner really showed me that by rearranging a few things we already have, everything could be so much better. 

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The Living room

One of the biggest changes is the one you see first when you walk in our door and that's our living room feature wall. This wall attracts all the attention and for $30 it was more than worth it. It's also something that is easy to change, should we want to in the future.

Other changes include moving the filing cabinet from the office, moving a lamp from the bedroom, and adding a movable table. The movable table we found for $50 at homegoods and functions as our coffee table. The space felt too small to add a traditional table and this works great. The lamp and filing cabinet were initially just temporary things, but it felt right, so we are going with it.

Lastly is my favorite corner, with the D&D maps, Millie the Dracaena Fragrans Massangena plant, the dragon from Cuba and the newly added clock from society6. This is a small yoga corner for me, that you will see lots on my instagram. The addition of a tick free clock completes it. The only small issue is that we had to hang it so high because Millie just keeps getting taller!

You can't really see them but I also got new pillow cases. The old ones were not the right colors. They added warm brown tones, while we were wanting cool grays. So I found some on sale at H&M for $12 and slid them over the pillows. They are perfect!

There's also a new plant, but I'll do a plant update later!

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The Dining Room

From the entry way you notice the living room wall first, but then as you go further in you see the dining room and its feature wall. Yup, another feature wall.

From left to right, 

Fan from Cuba.

Jasper, the Ivy. Who is over ten feet long in some branches. Going to have to start curling him up and around the door frame soon. 

Map of Canada. We bought this from etsy, so long ago that I no longer have links. It came unframed and sat rolled up for months before I finally got a coupon that allowed me to frame it.

The dollar store 4*5 frame, holding a picture of Kevin, his Dad and I on the River Cruise in Chicago.

The D&D map from the 2016 Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Also framed on the same couple from Michaels! Seriously these coupons make a huge difference. 

The dark frame a gift from my sister-in-law. It has my nephews and niece foot prints stamped on the glass and eventually will hold a picture of the two of them.

The table is still the same folding table as before, I am just covering it now with a full size table cloth from H&M ($18), a table runner from Home Goods ($9) and moved my cactus' onto it as a center piece. We bought two benches from Steinhafels ($106 total) and took out the chairs. It's a great set up.

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Come by next Tuesday to another update of the house!

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