October Daye
The October Daye books follow the adventures of October “Toby” Daye as she tries to find her footing in a world that seems a little more interested in killing her than she’d like.
— Seanan Mcquire Website

A review of the series so far

Rosemary and Rue

I am not quite sure why the book is named Rosemary and Rue. Far as I could find there was only one reference to either of those terms at the end of the book. Either way. I loved this story. My favorite line being 

Naked people are, by definition, unarmed
— Toby Daye

A Local Habitation

This is the book that made me decide that I was going to read the rest of the books in the series and possible buy them all. I find Toby's relationship with technology interesting, she's in severe denial about the world. Which makes sense. Quentin though, my favorite character. I love him.

An Artificial Night

I think is my favorite book so far. Blind Michael is a very interesting bad guy. His wife an interesting tale. I get frustrated with stupid women who won't better themselves and yet at the same time very much understand her motives behind what she was doing. That said the ending was definitely not something I expect but worked out well. I love how the rules work in Fae Worlds. Quentin, again a favorite character of mine, really grows in this book. Before he was definitely a teenager but he makes choices that should not be thrusted at one so young. He handles it well. 

Late Eclipses

This one threw a lot of changes at us, mainly in regards to our main protagonist October. Part of me doesn't like the change and wants it to go back to before when she was just a badass fighting. I am curious enough though that to stop reading the series is not an option. How will badass October handle the changes, the new people, and will she come out on top. The death of another character is sad though and I think we will miss her in the future, she served an interesting role and to not have her to fix certain things will be interesting. 

One Salt Sea

So many things happened. The major change from the previous book gets switched around and turns out for the better. War is prevented, maybe and people die. Good people, die. Of course the death solves a few problems and opens it up for the one thing that I really want to happen, actual have potential. I absolutely love the squires, the actual one and the honorary one. I had thought book four was my favorite but this was just improves on the story so much more that it's awesome. Which makes me think that with each book it's just going to get better. 

Ashes of Honor

I am undecided on who is my favorite character. Tybalt, is just awesome and I think I would name any cat I get, that if it was fitting. Raj, is jut adorable and reacts perfectly to all scenarios, though he's dad is just awful. And Quentin, who's been my from the beginning. Also I love Raj and Quentin's relationship and Jazz and May's. This story was rather violent but the ending was perfect.  

Chimes at Midnight

This book had me laughing out loud the entire reading of it. There were so many funny moments from Tybolts horror in meeting a naked cat to a library asking if Toby needed a book on how human reproduction worked.

“Marriage is not a requirement for children, nor does every marriage result in children,” said Mags slowly. “Do I need to add some books about sexual reproduction to your pull list?”
— Mags from Chimes at Midnight talking to Toby

We met the dog half of the fae world, which sounds as silly as it is. The taxi Troll let him hang his head out the window. Due to laughter this is definitely my favorite book so far. 

The Winter Long

Funny how after reading my new favorite I immediately read the book I dislike greatly. I don't like when characters come back when they shouldn't. Sometimes some characters are to convenient and yet the explanations work at least. The ending of course fix it for me and I am curious how that will go in the next one. That said, this is my least favorite of the bunch. 

A Red-Rose Chain

This book I think surprised me the most. Mainly in the handling of a character who you find out is transgender. 

After we had walked in silence for serveral minutes, Walther said, “You didn’t ask.”
”What?” I turned my head enough to see the side of his face. “What do you mean??”
”Sorry,” He rubbed his face with his hand, spreading his fingers so as to cover the whole thing before lowering his arm and saying, “When she thought I was her sister, you didn’t say anything. And now you’re not asking. It’s not the response I expected.”
”Ah.” We kept walking, me taking advantage of the pause to put my thoughts in order. Finally, I said, “I guess I didn’t know how to respond. I still don’t. You’re you. You’ve always been you. If who you are used to be someone different, that’s your business, not mine.”

It goes on with the main character apoglixing for making him fear her reaction. I haven't read any books that brooch this and I don't know if this is the proper way to handle things. I do know that it's important to be treated how you desire and the book does just that. 

Once Broken Faith

I am not okay with coming to the end of the published series. I need another book to read (or dozen more, that would work too). There is so much of this book I love that it's a contender for favorite. I loved Quentin's parents showing up, their questions, and that relationship. I love how Toby talks about family in general. I love Karen and her new role and how she is handling it. If you are looking for a good fantasy series that's easy to read, this is definitely it. This makes me happy to read again. 

Do you read fantasy? What's your favorite series?

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