Hello Feet

Hello Feet

You get me from point a to b to c and you do it well. 

You used to be cute. At least my memory of you was that you were cute, before ankle sprain number 11. Now one of you likes to swell whenever I sit properly or don't work out or work out wrong. After ankle sprain number 12, we decided that heels weren't for us and maybe we'd better stick to flip-flops. Though I would like to know if the hairy toes thing is here to stay or if you will change on that too? 

You hate to be confined, so I'm glad we can spend our days at home running around barefoot! Socks are definitely the ban of our existence. Snow is second to socks. Flip-flops are heaven. Good thing we live somewhere winter isn't too terrible and we can push the bounds of cold. 

You are tough and handle almost every surface I put you on. Even though I drag us to yoga everyday, you only fight back by being a little dry. Peppermint lotion seems to combat this pretty well. 

Here's the thing though, feet. While we work well together and I am happy to see you functioning everday. Could we please, please go back to being cute? Or at least letting me sit properly without swelling? It's not always polite to sit on your feet in social situations. 

What do you think, feet? Do you think we could age gracefully like the rest of us? Between you and hands, you are the most taken cared of part of my body, so it would be nice if you could return the favor. 

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