Baking for Bribery

It's no secret I love to bake. But the secret about my baking isn't well known. Baking and bringing someone else baked goods is a great way to bride them. Yummy delicious goods are a fabulous way to win someone over the your side. You just gotta know figure out what will work best for who. 


Cookies are good for quick and easy fixes. They say you are awesome without throwing it in people's faces. They are easy to store and bring where ever you go. If you find out someone's favorite cookie and want to make their day or simple improve yours, this is the way to go. 

How does a cookie improve yours? People eating cookies can't be grumpy at you, because you brought them a cookie. Not only that if you make the cookie yourself you really went through alot of effort to do something for them. If they are still grumpy at you, maybe don't have them in your life anymore?? Because those who can be grumpy while eating a cookie, just can't be human... unless they are a toddler in which case all bets are off and your lucky they didn't throw it at you. 

Favorite type of cookies that you usually can't go wrong with

Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter
Butterscotch Oatmeal

Also a tip. I make double batches of all those types of cookies, roll it into a log, wrap it in freezer save paper and freeze it. Then on days when I need a quick fix, I pull it out, slice the log for however many cookies I need and bake. Fresh cookies are always the best.


You can make healthy brownies with chickpeas and honey, you can make blonde brownies for people who aren't chocolate fans, and you can make melt in your mouth brownies with whip cream topping. 

Obviously I lean towards the melt in your mouth type. But I have done all three in the past. They make good apology gifts. Usually don't affect those with food allergies and I haven't met a single person who didn't like well done brownie. The trick of course is to make sure you bake them the right amount of time to get the perfect density and chewy goodness needed in a brownie. 

There are issues with brownies though - edge pieces. Some people love them some people hate them. You do not want to give an edge piece to the wrong person. So careful slice your brownies, put them all on a plate and have them decide which to enjoy.

I'm an edge piece and Kevin's not. It's the perfect combination for eating a pan of brownies, for dinner of course. You can see my favorite brownie recipe here.

The Big Saver

Let’s say your working a job at a bank. You’re a bottom of the toll teller and life just freaking sucks. So one Sunday, you can’t take it anymore and you go out and buy some ingredients to drown out your sorrows in. A couple packages of cream cheese, some whip cream, a box of oreos. You get home, crack that box of oreos before putting everything away and as your munching down. You realize you have the perfect ingredients for something awesome. You spend the afternoon crafting, the most darling orea cream cheese ever, into individual cupcake shells. 

The dread Monday morning comes along, you pack up your box of delicious and go to work. You arrive ten minutes late because you had to drive careful so not to tip any single one over. The boss opens the door and all your co-workers are sitting there staring at you because your late and the morning meeting has started. Someone asks why the big box, your heart stops and you wonder about not saving it for lunch, but sharing it as a breakfast snack?

You get three proposals by the end of the day and even though there was enough to find four times as many people present in your office, that box is empty by the end of the day. Maybe this job doesn’t suck as much and you ride that high for the next six months. 

Sound awesome?? These Oreo Cheesecakes can do just that or at least they did for me. (and I am beyond sad that I have no picture proof of it)

This post was inspired by a conversation with my sister

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