Project 52

Taking a break from the heaviness of the last two weeks, I bring you half a year of weekly photos. Created by Lashawn from Everyday Eyecandy - Project 52.

Week 1 - You at the beginning. Week 2 - From Above. Week 3 - Rule of Thirds. Week 4 - Your Favorite.

NOTES: I am aware that you shouldn't have your camera laying out without a cap or lens on it to protect it's insides. But I wanted a certain look and I semi succeeded. Taking the staircase photo was scary. I was in a public place with lots of people around and had to get my timing right. I did it, but it was nerve-racking. 

Week 5 - Yello. Week 6 - Black and White. Week 7 - My Funny Valentine. Week 8 - Low Light. 

NOTES: Technically there's two black and white photos and there's two low light. I just love the emotion from Week 6, that photo shoot turned out so awesome and Week 7 was just plain fun. Week 8 was so hard to shoot, sparklers are not easy to capture and this isn't perfect but it worked. 

Week 9 - 5 PM. Week 10 - Photographer's Choice. Week 11 - A Portrait. Week 12 - Bokeh.

Notes: Week 9 shows you my first ever homemade roast from the most tender beef ever with veggies from our delivery service and my first ever homemade gravy. Week 12 is what gave me the idea to start shooting individual body parts

Week 13 - On the Table. Week 14 - Color. Week 15 - Negative Space. Week 16 - The Letter E (ENERGY).

Notes: I love how color for Week 14 turned out. We took the car through the car wash and there was a setting for tri-color soap. We choose it not knowing what to expect and it was so pretty. OMG Week 15 was all about the editing and I love it, this just makes me love yoga more. Week 16 is something I wasn't sure on. I really wanted to portray the letter e as energy and I hope this does it.

Week 17 - Spring. Week 18 - Macro. Week 19 - Friends. Week 20 - Motherhood.

Notes: These weeks were all plant related for the most part and while I am not having much success with plants at the moment I am so glad I took these pictures. 

Week 21 - Where I Stand. Week 22 - Flat lay. Week 23 - What You Wore. Week 24 - Photographers Choice.

Notes: Week 23 was a challenge because I didn't want to do a outfit photo. This however could not have turned out better!

Challenging myself creatively this year was one of my goals. This project is part of that. There is an amazing community on Facebook and I love seeing everyone's work. I am sad to say I don't participate in it as much as I should. However one thing I have learned is that I am extremely comfortable in front of the camera and that is not normal. I seem to forget that it's not a place most people want to be. It's so easy for me to go back through all my self portraits and find images of me to use for almost all of the prompts.

Shooting myself isn't a challenge. Sure it's a challenge to find new ways to portray myself but being in front of the camera is easy. I wanted to take this to another level and shoot something other than me. I will never stop doing self portraits and I might even use myself again throughout the course of this challenge. But my goal is to shoot other things as too and learn to portray the emotions I want without the use of my face. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my take on the prompts. Is this a challenge you would do or are you already participating?

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