Killer Green Thumb an Update with lots of Death

I am so proud of my post called The Killer Green Thumb. If I had to name a favorite post of all time, it would definitely be a contender. I am proud of the pictures, I am proud of what it's about and I am proud of the success and failures that have come since writing that post. And trust me, there have been a lot of failures. 

Millie my first plant.

Has grown to be taller than me and almost taller than Kevin. But it hasn't been all good times. She started looking wrinkly and droopy (see left photo) and I figured I was over watering her. After a month she wasn't getting any better so I went to my local nursery and asked a ton of questions. Turns out I was under watering. Two cups of water twice a week was not enough and now she gets four cups three times a week. Within 24 hours of giving her four cups, she had fully perked up and is doing lovely (see right photo). 

Anna, Moon, Phil, Spikes, and Ben were/are my succulents.

They used to live on my dresser but I've rearranged a little and lost a one.

  • Anna has been re-potted, technically in the same pot as before just without the shell she came in. She's had some leaves die but has grown taller (she is the left plant in the left photo below, the aloe vera). 
  • Moon and Spikes are both a cacti succulent and have been moved to the office. They've grown a bit but otherwise haven't really changed. Though I did get lovely little white flowers (I did not take any pictures of them this time).
  • Ben has grown to be about 3 1/2 inches tall. If I re-potted him I am sure he would spread out, but I love him in this container and want to leave him, however he's starting to brown on the tips, so I might have to rethink that (he is the back plant in the left photo below).
  • Phil was my second death and a slow death at that. He was the first plant I re-potted, except that he got re-potted into something that had no drainage and so he drowned. 
  • Phil was replaced with a spiky hardy plant, I have no idea what he is called and I haven't bothered to name him (there are far too many to remember names now). He's been around for about 4 months now and is doing just fine (he is the front right plant in the left photo below).

The Shaggy Ivy

In the bedroom I have added another Ivy - Shaggy. Shaggy arrived full of life (see above middle photo), was a massive pile of green leaves, already about two feet long. Since I've had him, he's grown another foot and almost drowned (see picture above on the right take. about 2 months apart). I figured I could treat him just like my other ivy - water globe refill every couple of days. Turns out the water globe was a terrible idea and I am working on bringing him back to life with some dry soil, fertilizer, and the occasional watering. Fingers crossed!

Death of the Peace Lily

My first death was the Peace Lily - Jasper. Jasper didn't even last a month, he died a quick death. I have no idea if I over or under watered him, he was just gone so I replaced him with a rubber type plant, that the local nursery said would do really well in the spot I wanted. The interesting thing about the rubber plant is that in the 11 months that I've had him he has hardly grown at all. He changes colors depending - yellow to forest green. I haven't figured out which on means too much water and which means not enough. I should really figure that out!

Lengthy Ivy

My last plant alive is Ivy. Not only is she alive but she is huge, the longest branch is over sixteen feet now, the shortest close to four. The leafs closest to the base are the size of my hand. Every few months we have to add another hook to the wall to pin her up out of the way. She's a beauty and you can see her in my house tour photos for a different angle. Currently the longest piece is in our way but not long enough to pin up alone the doorway to the hall. The water globe was the best invention for her and I am so happy this plant has been such a huge success!

There is something weird that she does. The longest vine occasionally gets droplets of water. It will just hang from the last leaf until it eventually the droplet is big enough to fall or someone brushes up against it. I have no idea why this is, it could be it's the way this plant gets rid of excess moisture but that's speculation. It only ever does it on the longest vine and not often enough for me to predict. 

Flowers, maybe

With all my house plants, you might have noticed it missing one thing and that is flowers. I have zero flowers and that is just sad. Just before Easter I bought a Easter Lily and after reading up on it, read that if done right you can make them live and not die after blooming. It lived for about a month after blooming before I drowned it in water (I think I drown everything! Except Millie). But it got me really wanting more flowers. After flipping through old flower photos I remembered getting the loveliest sunflowers last summer and I decided I wanted to grow my own. One day at Target I saw a package and picked it up. 

It was perfect and growing fast, until disaster struck in the form of little tiny icky bugs. 

On the recommendation of my local nursery I threw it out. What they actually recommending was digging through the dirt to see how many bugs there were. If it was two, spray it to kill them off. If it was more, get rid of it as fast as possible so it didn't infect my other plants. I really wish I had just thrown it away without digging through the dirt. No more target plants for me. 

I still have a great desire for flowers and I hope I'll be able to find one that I won't drown or find bugs in. I've had quite a few disasters when it comes to plants, but it still feels like a success and that works for me. 

Do you have house plants?

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