Vacation - the Things We Didn't Think Of

Travelling is not easy, at least for me. I hate the unknown and I love ensuring I have every little detailed plan. I like being early, having a schedule and knowing it all. When it comes to vacationing you aren't able to do any of that. Here's some of the snags we ran into

Our Car

Before we had even left for our trip, we got hit with the problem of what to do with our car. I had just assumed we would drive it to the airport, park it, and then drive home three weeks later. Then we looked up the cost of parking, $15 per day. For a tiny airport this cost feels exuberant to me. That's one night in a fancy hotel room, so we decided to taxi. Taxi would be $40 each way, coming far under the cost of parking. The plan was perfect until our building decided to reseal the concrete in our underground parking and top lot, any vehicles not moved were subject to tow, meaning the only option left was to street park. While we live in a good neighborhood, it's not how I would like things left. Other than giving management our keys and having them move the car, we were stuck with street parking or paying at the airport. After speaking with management we decided to leave the car on the street right outside the office and take a taxi. This way management could check on it conveniently and call if there was a problem. Not ideal but functional.

Problem one resolved. 


This trip was my second time flying as an adult. I have never really engaged with the TSA or had to worry about them before. So everything was packed like we were going on any regular road trip. We wore comfy clothes, packed the bags like normal, and off we went.

The first thing was being scanned. Everything out of your pockets, laptop in separate bin, no shoes (so gross). You walk through and put everything back on, at least that's what suppose to happen. Instead I walked through and then got the full pat down. I understand the reasoning, doesn't make it any less invasive. Across from me, Kevin also got the pat down. Then one of our carry on's didn't scan right, so it needed to be searched. The bag was full of games, the poor guy had to go through each individual game and then we had to repack it to fit. When we finally got to the hotel 7 hours later, our checked luggage had a lovely note saying it had also been searched. 

Other than a inconvenience, the experience wasn't bad and we didn't have anything on us that would get us in trouble. But it definitely wasn't something I was expecting. 

Lesson - pack games in checked luggage and wear yoga pants.

Cell Reception

While we thought about it for ourselves, we didn't think about our guests. We were staying at a cute little condo on a beautiful lake, in the middle of Idaho country. Idaho has spotty reception on a good day, we had good days. However it meant messages didn't come through until hours later and connecting with our guests was an interesting adventure. 

The solution was to leave our windows open and direct all our guests to a bar across from us. Then we hope to hear them as they walk by. Was it perfect? No, but it functioned. It did make us also think that going somewhere that involved flying might be easier. Everyone would be able to give us flight times and we could just pick up. 

Mexico, next time?

Heat Stroke 

Whenever I am doing something for other people I tend to put my physical need aside and forget they exists. So when my body is yelling at me to slow down and stop eating crap, I ignored it. Resulting in a bad case of heat exhausted and a 100.4 fever. I need to think more selfishly so that I can be more present when on vacation. If I had been paying attention, two wasted days could have been prevented and I could have enjoyed more time with some very special people. 

Lesson - make yoga a priority when vacationing.

Was this vacation perfect? No, but it was absolutely wonderful!

What are some things you've had happen to you on vacation?

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