The Matching Set

When you're from Canada and have cleavage, buying lingerie is a challenge and not a cheap one. A good bra could cost upwards of $150. So when I finally went to replace my old ones for new, I didn't have high expectations. My plan was to buy one every two months for six months until I had replaced my old ones. So when she rang up my total I was surprised and had to go back to the changing room. With a budget of $150, I was able to get two, plus the matching panties. I have never bought matching panties because those are usually just as stupid expensive as the bras. They still were expensive, but nothing like what I was used to. So even though they weren't cheap and are completely silly, I now own two matching sets. 

Your body looks different in matching underwear. It's technically all in your head, but it feels different and it feels good. It's empowering. It's sexy. And it's good to feel sexy about yourself. 

A couple months ago I bought a pair of pants and I really loved how they felt, so I snapped a picture and tossed it up on my instagram without really thinking. The picture shows the top part of the pants and a bare belly. I debated for months on whether or not I should take that picture down because it felt so exposing. It's actually what motivated me to start taking pictures of different body parts. I figure, if I've learned to love myself through self portraits, maybe seeing close ups of individual parts will have the same affect. Having a matching set of lingerie definitely helps boost the confidence. But it's still nerve wrecking to post pictures of certain parts of the body. My tummy especially. 

My tummy is not flat. I have no visible abs. One rib has a slight bubble on one side (it's perfectly healthy I've checked with the doctor). There's a little pudge, on the lower end that will always be there. 

And all that is okay, because it's my body. I am not skinny, I am not fat. I can buy clothes in almost any store I go into. No one is horrified by seeing my body. People should not judge bodies in this way, but I'm lucky that my body type avoids this kind of criticism. My body has seen me through everything. It is strong and flexible. It is tough and soft. It is me. So, while it's scary posting these photos on my blog, they are also so much a part of me that it feels strange to be worried about it. 

I'm a lifestyle blogger, covering deep subjects including body images, battles with food, and overcoming how I was raised. I try to be as authentic as possible and I don’t sugar coat how I see things.