Packing for Vacation

Packing for 19 days of unpredictable weather is not an easy feat, especially for someone who doesn't travel much. I have no idea what I'll need or what's most important to bring, so I'm preparing everything then cutting that amount in half. I don't own much beyond the pieces in the pictures and it was while I was packing and shooting these images that I realized how few t-shirts I owned. 

Pants however are a different matter. I have 14 pairs of pants not pictured (legging capris, winter leggings, workout leggings, winter workout leggings, and jeans!). I find it so much easier to buy pants than shirts. I would love to get a new pair of boyfriend jeans and a black pair of jeans, however the reality of my life is that I hardly wear anything but yoga pants.

Moving on, I have a distinctive lack of accessories. Two hats, a backpack, belt and my garmin. The amount of products I am bringing with me, makes up for my lack of accessories. My only makeup is mascara and my ColorPop Lipstick. I am only bringing makeup for one particular photoshoot. Otherwise I plan to be makeup free the entire trip!

Also how does one pack vitamins? There is no way I can go without, but bringing these massive bottles is kinda annoying.  

And are shoes an accessory? Because I am probably bringing too many pairs of shoes (though nothing like the 8 pairs Grace brought with her). 

The most important part of all my packing/planning though, was finding the perfect, comfy airplane outfit. All black or a peak of gray or white? It'll be hot on the way there but cold during our time at the airport, so it needs to be flexible. What I choose seemed to work out. 

How do you pack for vacation?

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