What Have I Been Up To

Hello Beautiful July!

Summer is here and I've been busy. I've been doing a ton of blog posts surrounding depression and the heavy things that have hit me lately. But I wanted you, dear readers, to know that it hasn't been all gloom, there's been lots of awesome moments too. 

I've been doing a lot of reading. In fact I think I'll be able to smash my book goal of 75 books out the window for the year. As of writing this I am at 54, which is freaking fantastic! My Instagram feed is filled with yoga and books. It's my favorite thing ever!

I've been donating blood. Something I never thought I would do. So interesting facts that I've discovered while donating are

  • My blood type O-negative. Only 7% of people in the U.S. have O-negative. It's always in great demand and often in short supply. My blood type can be given to anyone but I can only be given that type. 
  • I need to move slowly and bring my own snacks for after. Workout before, as after is not an option. 
  • Trainees are creeped out by the fact that I must watch. Actually, most people are creeped out by this fact. It bothers me more to not watch than to watch. 
  • This is not something I would do with Kevin. This is definitely something I do alone and that's definitely how I recommend doing it. 
  • I will not be able to donate for a year if I get another tattoo... and I have at least three other tattoos planned.

I have discovered that I can fit into my shoe cabinet when the shelves aren't in place. Not sure why that's relevant but there it is. Also that when getting your make up done professionally, it's a pain to get off. But totally worth it for the photos

Dinner on the patio has again become a favorite past time. When it's not windy, that's where you'll find me. Unless I need to cool off and then I'll be in the air conditioning. For someone who has always been cold no matter what the temperature, this is weird. Or I'll sit just inside the patio door, so I can watch the birds. This year has been great for bird watching. I've had all kinds and I really need to start learning what they are!

I have a total of 11 projects on the go - Balloons (one here), Veggie Delivery, Gardening, Hair, Mr and Me, My Wakeup, One Second a Day (see last years here and here), Project 52, Family 1, Family 2, and Yoga. Some of these projects are intense, require the help of others and have/will take months to complete. Others are simple. But I love having projects and I love working towards have a set of stuff to be done by the end of the year. 

Kevin and I went to a concert - The Chainsmokers. We realized that we are old now, Kevin had earplugs and I am so glad we found seats because there was no way we were going to stand out on the floor. I also didn't realize that Chainsmokers are DJs having very little original content. But they put on a great show and I am glad we went. 

The concert far beat the festival we attended.

Wisconsin BratFest. Supposedly the world's biggest. I found the experience a tad bit frustrating. The brats were barely warm and there was minimal variety. Just one vendor selling them, which seems odd for a festival. I could get over mediocre food if it wasn't for the smokers. They were everywhere, overwhelming, and it was gross. We didn't stay long because there was no where safe from the smoke. I would love for Wisconsin to pass similar laws to Alberta for smoking and then I'd attend more festivals. 

The latest event we went to was Vegan Fest. Where I didn't take a single picture. The fest was full of samples, information, and a lot of chiropractors (why?). I was hoping to find someone who was teaching cooking lessons for transitioning to vegan but no such luck. I don't actually want to go Vegan, but I would like to be more aware of where my food comes from and vegan's tend to know this. 

That is what I have been up to. How are you?

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