Creative Support

There's not many people I know who'd willing get up at 430am to watch the sunrise and capture a group photo after two hours of sleep. There's also not many people who understand my creative process and support it more fully than Amanda and Dean. As two very creative people themselves, they were willing to do something I casually brought up - sunrise time lapse. Getting a time lapse of a sunrise has always been on my one day list and this day was a day to attempt it. And attempt I did. I, unable to sleep, got up extra early to go out and shoot some of the lovely morning. Then once I was freezing I went back to have a hot chocolate and discuss with the group if it was worth going out again. While every sunrise is lovely, this one wasn't OMG AMAZING and more sleep is always welcome. At 10 degrees Celsius (or 50 Fahrenheit) it's not exactly a great time to be out on the water, especially when you only packed summer clothes. So back to bed we went.

Well, most of us. I cleaned the kitchen, organized my thoughts on paper, and edited photos while watching the rest of the sunrise. I am a sun person through and though, but I have never willingly (thanks insomnia) sat up to watch it come to life. I've also never been at the bottom of a beautiful valley on the lakeside, with the sounds of wildlife all about me. There's something special about taking all of that in and as I was already up, missing a few more hours of sleep wasn't going to hurt anything. 

It's always a great thing to realize you have people in your life who support your creative efforts. However, it's hard to sometimes know the best way to support someone when they seem to be doing something different or unusual. Blogging is definitely one of those things that a lot of people don't know how to handle. It's weird to be seen on the internet and exposed. It's also a relatively new outlet and people are not always accepting. Beyond my little corner of creativity, there are others creative outlets that are also hard to support/understand; music, painting, dancing. It's hard to know what is needed. Advice or a listening ear? Also, as someone on the very outside of those activities, how can you know what advice is actually worthwhile to give? What's the best thing you can give a person when they are in the middle of a battle with their passion? 

Sometimes your passion hits a wall and there's no way around it. Walking away is impossible, you've spent many years and tears building it. So what do you do to go on?

There are no easy answers and I hope that I am as supportive as my friends have been for me.

Amanda wrote a guest post for me a few months ago, be sure to check it out

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