My Sister

In my process of healing sometimes it feels like one step forward, two steps back. My relationship with my family has always been steps backwards except with my sister. The one closest to my age, also no longer living at home. Over the past few years we've been working on communicating, growing, and better understanding how we grew up. We have different personalities and view points but we are still able to get along. 

My sister has grown from the goofy child I grew up with to a beautiful woman with strong convictions, a supportive husband and two awesome kids. I would never have pictured either of us where we are today. We still hold core pieces of our personalities from when we were kids, it's just those personalities have matured and grown with us into different forms than one would expect. As we take steps forward in healing we both are becoming better people in spite of our past. 

Having my sister's family a part of our vacation was important to me and I am so glad that it worked out. There's a certain amount of weirdness to seeing your sister as a mom instead of a goofy kid. That goofy kid has turned her talents into a creative career where she can directly influence and help children grow into their personalities instead of being stunted by outside influences. She turned her passion into something amazing and completely fitting to her bright reflective personality. All the humming, whistling, singing that frustrated me as a teenager has turned into one of her greatest talents and it was wonderful watching her with her children. 

And as much as it might be embarrassing to her that I caught her in action on video, I want her to know how happy it made me to see.

Daphne, you're a great mom. Keep growing

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