Weekend in Chicago


A place I'd been craving to go back to since we first visited a year ago. My adventure into the city then did nothing to fill my desires for big city experiences. So I've been on the look out for reasons to go. 

Enter Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin


They hosted of a youtube challenge called Just Between Us. Together they wrote a book called I Hate Everyone But You and for the publication of the book they decided to go on tour. Chicago was one of their stops and so I had Kevin book the Friday off and we went. 

Now back in 2012 I went and saw Lemony Snickett with my friend Abigail. It was there that I realized I don't do well meeting people, whose books I've read. I'm awkward. I wish I still had the post and photo from that time because it is hilarious. "Mr. Snickett" is making an awesome face and I'm a blur trying to not be in the photo, while still retrieving my book from his hands! I always want to go to the events hosted by people I follow or whose works I read and I desperately want a signed copy of something, but I do not want to acknowledge that the person is human. 

So I knew walking into the event for Gaby and Allison that I was there to enjoy the show and escape as quickly as possible afterwards. And that's exactly what happened. So much so that I only managed to capture enough video for my one second a day project. But I did get two copies of the book, both signed and not only are they signed, but they are signed on the correct page with a sharpie! As someone who has worked book events, that correct page is a BIG deal .And I just love sharpies. 

Within three hours my biggest reason for coming to Chicago was over. 

Except it wasn't

I wanted more, so Kevin booked us two nights at a hotel. It wasn't the best hotel... in fact it was more like a motel and after the beautiful hotels we've stayed in for our previous trips around the states, there isn't much to say about this one. Other than it was clean, we slept good but we won't stay again.I took no places of the place and we barely spent any time there, that wasn't sleeping. What we did do was, 

Visited the Shedd Aquirium

I am unsure if I like the Vancouver Aquarium more or if it's just bigger. But both run on the same principals. Both have lots to see and are very educational. BTW the crab in the right picture, has legs probably longer than mine. They put on a good show, talked about the environment and allowed us a look at how to care for their animals. A worth while experience, followed up with 

Going back to the Museum of Science and Industry

Our first trip to Chicago, didn't have enough time in the schedule to fully finish seeing everything the Museum of Science and Industry has to offer. So we went back. This time they had a special showing of robotics and we spent over and hour in that room watching, playing and exploring the world of robotics. It's not something I will do again, unless we had a reason, but I am so glad we went back!

We went to "the Bean"

Only once we arrived did we discover that "the Bean" as I've been calling it, is actually called Cloud Gate. And that it's one of many interest things that Millennium Park has to offer. After years of not knowing this I am slightly annoyed. If I had fully realized that the park wasn't just "a bean", we would have gone when we were fresh, ready to walk, and ready to explore. Unfortunately we went late the second day after hours of walking the science center and still nursing my sprained toe (which, seriously how does a toe knock you back so badly??). So we did the bare minimum and that's it. 


Fortunately, there just happened to be a festival happening as we walked through. After the snapshoot of "the Bean" we walked through to Jay Pritzker Pavilion. After finding seats we enjoyed a live orchestra, staying until we were both unable to keep our eyes open. A live orchestra in that setting is beautiful. 

Lots of food

Though not a single slice of pizza was enjoyed this trip, we still managed to find some amazing things to eat. Our food bill was kinda ridiculous this trip, but each bite was worthwhile. 

Shine - Sushi. Delicious, expensive and worth it. Seriously so damn good!

Ryo Sushi - More sushi. Delicious, priced a little high, but still very good food. 

Yolk - Breakfast. Delicious, well priced and worth it for some. I loved every bit of my food. But my body sure didn't like it. 

Grand Lux Cafe - Breakfast. Delicious, expensive and booze filled. We started off the breakfast booze. Not something I've done when not at home. But as we were spending hours in the area it didn't matter. 

Insomnia Cookies - Late night snack. Peanut butter, M&M, Sugar, Snickerdoodle. All the cookies or so delicious. 

Longhorn Steak House - Supper. Delicious, weird service, but good steak. 

Our last day

Was spent shopping and filling needs. We both had a list of things we needed to buy, so we took to the stores. We were semi successful at not getting distracted by "shiny objects". Not everything on our list was marked off, but it was fun and enjoyable. We stopped in to Nordstrom, Sephora, Crate and Barrel, Zara, Lush, Victoria Secret, Saks, Banana Republic, and Ikea. We made purchases at three locations before we were too tired to keep going. 

To end

The thing is, I very much enjoyed this trip and yet there were many blaring things that frustrated us both. From the insanity of parking (we spent over a hundred to park the car), to the feel of the city, to our general tiredness the city just didn't hold the magic it did that first trip in almost a year ago. This time Chicago felt tired and while it holds many astounding beauties I was happy to go home. 


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