365 Project - Week 2

365 Project - Week 2

I can't believe I'm already at week two of daily photo taking!

5 : 365

If you've been following for some time you'll know I have an obsession with plants
I have been having a terrible time with plants this winter, killing off most of my cactus' with overwatering, rhubarb dying of a fungus and bug infestation, and the cold, cold windows.
But this little guy is doing okay.

Project 365 : 5

6 : 365

Today's the first day where I felt like taking the picture was an inconvenience, but that's mostly due to the venue. We went to our favorite breakfast place "La Brioche". This place has signs everywhere saying

"No cellphones, laptops, etc."

Places like this are few and far between, we go to chat, enjoy some silence, and the pleasure of each others company. Putting aside social media when I am at a table with my favorite person is easy. But I also love to record some aspects of it, like hearts in coffee. In this case it was his suggestion to take a quick snap, because he knew before I even brought it up what I was thinking. It's not the best picture, but it's where we spent a great morning together and for the most part we spent it without electronics. He had a peppermint mocha and I had a lavender hot chocolate. Weekends are lovely and it's okay to break the rules once and a while. 

Project 365 : 6

7 : 365

Sunday Routine
Breakfast at home, audio book in the car, yin yoga class for me, starbucks for Kevin, met an hour later to head home for lunch. 

Project 365 : 7

8 : 365

Reading this excellent book, The Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele. There are so many amazing words of wisdom to be found. I'd be sharing every page if I tried to tell you all about it.

Project 365 : 8

9 : 365

My sister sent me a present
Pretty sure my social media usage is just gonna get worse, not better ;)

Project 365 : 9

10 : 365

This photo made me cry. 
Because I went out there. I braved being seen in public.
And my camera failed me. Everything was either blurry or the fog didn't show or just wrong. 
I cried because it was exhuasting to go out there with this massive camera and then not get my shot. 

365 Project : 10

11 : 365

On tenth after my failed capture (though the photo didn't turn out bad, it's just not how I wanted it) Kevin and I went for dinner. Right outside the restaurant was a camera store flashing it's open sign. And we went in. We didn't buy anything at that moment, but after a night spent researching, I went back and bought the Sony a6500. It's got a basic kit lens, it hooks up to my phone, and it's small. It's purpose was to be better than my Nikon D5100 and fit in my pocket. I am nervous about what having a new camera. It sizes removes almost all my excuses about shooting in public. No excuses, it's time to hustle. If you are reading this on the 12th of January, you should be able to go on to my Instagram and see my stories about all of this, plus something I am working on. 

Project 365 Day 11

Happy Friday Loves! How was your week? (share a link to your favorite picture you took or saw this week!)

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