A Request
A Request

I am looking for guest posts for my blog for the month of February. You don't have to be a blogger to participate, just someone who is wanting to write (though if you have any social media sites and want them linked, I will definitely do that). 


February 3, Kevin and I will have been together for 12 years. As part of my celebrating, I am looking for posts about relationships to fill the month. 

Main Topic:

Relationship related - doesn't matter what type; romantic, mother/daughter, sister/brother, cousins, or your pet. I just would like it to be about a relationship that is important to you. 

Word Length:

Min 250 words, if too large it may get split across multiple posts.


  • I am looking for approximately 7 guest posts.
  • If you have been following along with my blog for a while, you know I add a lot of pictures to my blog and I would love to have a picture of you and the person/pet you are in the relationship with for the post. However I can make you anonymous if that is preferred and pictures can be pulled from Unsplash (you would have control over what's chosen). 
  • I reserve the right to ask for changes in what you write. I hope that we can work together and make it something we're both proud of. 

I did something similar last year; February the Month of Love, Communication Between the Sexes, Dean and Amanda, A Love story.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please reach out. You can fill out the submittion form below or reach out to me on any of these social media platforms. 

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Please note:
That I am always up for a guest post even if it is outside the month of relationships. 

A Request

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