365 Project - Week 3

365 Project - Week 3

12 : 365

My work station currently. This is different from normal because the keyboard tray has broken. So I need to make the decision to either figure out how to fix it or replace my desk. Neither option is easy. Hopefully the warranty we bought with the desks will work this time. Because they won't cover the last damage on the other desk (an eraser melted and ate the pained...). If you read the notebook, you'll see a sneak peak to next weeks blog schedule. And at the right computer screen a sneak peak for other posts coming up.

Day 12

13 : 365

Saturday began with a game of crib. In the end I managed to pull off a win.
It was close and hoenstly close games are the best games. 


14 : 365

Kevin took a beautiful photo for this day. But I just couldn't use it. It's a project I choose to do and using a photo he took would be cheating. He doesn't shoot with my camera often but he does get some good shoots. So I am including both. Left is Kevin's shot of the sky as we were driving to yoga and right is my shot of some aspargus we were making for dinner. 

Kevin's day 14
Day 14

15 : 365

Today the anxiety is winning, but tomorrow is another day and I'll get to try again. 

Day 15

16: 365

I went to Nordstorm to find a pair of hunter boots for winter walks. 
Instead I found a mass of childrens shoes

Day 16

17 : 365

Today I was brave. I found a stump and took some pictures. 
Are they amazing, no? But it's the bravery part that's most important.

Day 17

18 : 365

Day two of going out and actively shooting in an environment I am uncomfortable in. 

A huge point of the project is to be uncomfortable.

So out I go.

Day 18

Happy Friday!

I hope that whatever you have planned for the weekend is amazing. Thanks for following along with my project.

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