To become more we must change. 

And yet we resist it. For me that is worrying about the people I know. That they won't like the changes and I'll lose them forever. I have few friends and distance makes it hard. If I allow myself to change, I question whether or not my friends would still be there. The internet is a great place to find words that fit just right and when I found DeeDee Louise post "It's Okay To Grow Out Of You", I found words that have helped me realize it's okay. 

Change does rub people up the wrong way sometimes but surely we don’t go through all this crap life throws at us to just stay the same?
— DeeDee Louise

If we stayed the same, it means we are never learning, never growing. I would hope that my friends would grant me that, just like I hope to do the same for them. If we grew apart I would be sad, however friends are meant to come and go. A person will enter your life when you need something whether you knew it or not. You both fulfill a need for each other and sometimes as you grow as individuals, you move beyond what you can offer each other and drift apart. And I need to be okay with that. When reading Sara's post "Self Belief the Hideous Sundress", I realized that we are constantly wavering on our convictions to save others from having to be okay with how we feel. My favorite line from her post is; 

It takes tremendous courage to be yourself in a world that has proven itself to be critical, judgmental, and cruel.
— Sara from Me & Orla
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So every step I take is to become a better person, who is true to myself and hopefully and hopefully the people I know will be doing the same. 

How are you changing? and are you okay with being true to yourself in public? 

I'm a lifestyle blogger, covering deep subjects including body images, battles with food, and overcoming how I was raised. I try to be as authentic as possible and I don’t sugar coat how I see things.