Me Rocking a Sinus Infection

On Monday I mentioned a 90 day yoga challenge, that I had done from September to December - Yoga daily, no matter what. Well about half ways through November, I got a cold and like any regular idiot I decided to pretend it did wasn't happening.

I was invincible! I was in the middle of a challenge and I was gonna rock it. 

Me rocking a Sinus Infection

And I did. I rocked that challenge. 

But I also watched my pain levels increase, my body flexibility decrease and my migraines go wild. So finally twelve days ago I decided enough was enough and I went to the doctor. Who immediately diagnosed me with a sinus infection. A pretty severe one, resulting in antibiotics the size of a quarter twice daily, a probiotic to help with the constant stomach pain, and a nasal spray to counter the congestion. 


Me rocking a Sinus Infection

Here's the thing with doing challenges. You start to focus only on the challenge and not your body. My body was telling me in November that something was wrong, but I needed to hit that number. Listening to your body is so important. Your body is going to be with you forever. Treating it right matters. Getting your doctor to hear you matters. 

And in case no one has told you today, you matter, you are enough, you deserve to take up space, you are important 

NOTE: I am doing much better. I've finished the antibiotics.

NOTE TWO: When I went to the doctor the office was full of sick people, so they hand out masks the second you mention cold or cough. I decided to bring mine home and do something with it. Personally I like the idea of wearing a mask when one is sick. I think that means you have a great respect for others health. That said the mask is not exactly a comfortable thing to wear.  

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