365 Project - Week 4

365 Project - Week 4

19 : 365

I sat in my car. I didn't get out to shoot. Some days you just don't get out and other days you do. I think that I am going to have to accept that some photos in this project are going to reflect my insecurities. Though if I hadn't mentioned it, no one would have known...

I sit in my car a lot. I'm always half an hour to forty-five minutes early to yoga. I'll sit there either reading a book, texting on my phone, or staring out the window. My thoughts staring out are usually along the lines of "could I take a picture out there today". So far it's usually a no. Maybe by the end of the year, it'll be a yes. 

Day 19

20 : 365

We actually have plans to go out today. But I will not be taking my camera. It's an event that I want to enjoy and not take pictures of. So instead I captured the quiet before the chaos. A morning of video games, spent with my favorite person. Him - Zelda, Me - Tomb Raider. 

Day 20

21 : 365

Yesterday we went to Beer and Cheese Fest. We went last year and had fun but this year we went with a completely different mindset, dump what we don't like and drink little of what we do. Then go shopping for the things we do. And this pile is the pile of things we enjoyed, two ciders for me and two beers for Kevin.

Ciderboy's Hard Cider, Mimosa - Enjoyed just as much as my first sip.  

Blake's Hard Cider, Grizzly Pear - My second try revealed that I didn't actually enjoy the flavor of grizzly pear, wish I did. 

Capital Brewery, Dark Doppelbock

Kentucky, Bourbon Barrel Ale - Kevin enjoyed both beer a lot.

Day 21

22 : 365

Sometimes after yoga class my skin is so dry. So I'll come home and put on a soothing mask, then hop in the shower. It does wonders for my skin. 

Day 22

23 : 365

I sat on that blanket and did yoga. Outside. It was a brave moment. 

Day 23

24 : 365

Library day

Day 24

25 : 365

This picture I want to talk about for a minute. Basically do a semi review of Lushes new jelly bath bombs. I went into my local store and they were out of the oils balls I usually get so the sales lady recommended I try the jelly ones. So I bought two; secret arts and marmalade. Popped it into the bath today and... it was an experience that's for sure and a rather unpleasant one. I mean it looks amazing but it's also just gross. 

Day 25

Firstly it made really weird popping noises. Secondly it covered my body in a gross slim that was just unpleasant feeling. And third there's still half of it in the bathtub, in a huge glob just laying there because I am too grossed out to touch it. My skin feels great not as good as the oils but still soft. Overall ick... and now I have to figure out if I can return marmalade because no thanks.

Moving on... This week I feel like I should be disappointed in my pictures because I only managed one picture outside. Sure one was in my car but overall I stuck to things in my house, even though I left my house daily. But each week is a chance to do better and see how it goes and maybe next week will be better. Hope you enjoy week 4 and let me know what you think of the bath jellys if you have ever tried it... or the ciders! Cheers

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