the princess saves herself in this one

the princess saves herself in this one
write the story.

your hands
into the dirtiest
parts of yourself.

take the
rot & decay
& turn it into
nourishment & life.

water it
& sing to it
& show it

grow a beautiful garden
from your aching
& teach yourself
how to thrive in it.

write your story
- the sign you’ve been waiting for.
— the princess saves herself in this one by Amanda Lovelace pg 162

I have big plans

and I wanted to share some of it with you. By surrounding myself this past year with things that build me up, I've gotten motivated. 2018 is going to be the year I challenge myself further and become and even better real human being. I set very vague goals for 2017 and I loved the defined and yet undefined goal setting those three lines gave me. The year started with no plan to something awesome by the end. I want to do something similar, taking those same three lines, but giving it a little focus. So let's talk about how I want to grow and then at the end, let me know how you want to grow. Let's start a conversation and let's enjoy the year. 

Cultivate my Voice

Write and Build

That's the base for this goal. I want to write more and build upon it. Turn it into more than just random blog posts but a continuation each building onto the previous. Within my writing I want to connect with others. I have a few plans for this

Participation - My participation needs to be genuine and true but more. Some days I'm not going to feel like participating and I need to be okay with that. I would like to start having more days of wanting to be a part of the community and less days of avoidance. I've put down roots to help be in a community that has like minded goals and ideas to mine and that should make it so much easier to participate. 

Tagging - This is a little bit harder to do, especially blogging, but I do think I can connect with people. Participation will make this easier, whether this is via my blogging Facebook groups or tagging people on Instagram (either the yoga studio I am talking about or the person who inspired me that day) or tagging people when I am participating in the events they are putting on (book-a-thons or yoga challenges, especially.)

Projects - I slowed down how much I blogged in 2017. I needed that time, but now is the time to do better. Posting three times a week; Mondays - random, whatever I'm feeling. Wednesdays - Self Portrait Project. Fridays - a new project, it's two in one and I'm sharing about it on Friday!

Grow in Body Positivity

My own self love and my language to others regarding their bodies and self love

I have bad days when it comes to loving my body and that is to be expected. But those days are further and further apart as time goes on and I want to continue to cultivate that. That means I need to continue working out in a way that serves me, as well as feed myself in a way that allows me to eat without guilt, and continue to read/follow people who encourage the beliefs I wish to grow in myself. Things I'm carrying over is counting my days of yoga, my medication intake, and my tracker. I think long term these things will help me counter depression days and find causes to my pain. Plus yoga is just good for my health, my mental health. 

Where I will struggle is in my language to others regarding their bodies and self love. My whole life I don't think I've been the best supporter of self-love when promoting or encouraging it in others. I want to do better. I need to do better.

Educate Myself

Read, read, read and talk to other people

I won't be going back to school anytime soon but you don't need to go back to school to get educated on matters. I want to read a diverse range of books, from fantasy to nonfiction to poetry. I want to make sure the authors I read are from a diverse range of people: young, old, black, white and everything in-between. I don't want everything to just be reading though, talking to humans is important as well. Sharing experiences and learning from others is almost the faster way to learn. Yoga is part of this but I definitely need to figure out how to learn from others. Youtube is handy but doesn't count as human interaction. 

Finally, a vow or ten

I found these vows a few months ago written by Karina Woodburn. She wrote exactly what I have been trying to find the words for. I never would have thought to use the word vow. Her words fit well with how I want to grow and so I wanted to keep them in the forefront of my goals. 

1. I vow to know my worth.
2. I vow to always communicate.
3. I vow to never settle for anything less than what I truly want.
4. I vow to always listen to my gut instinct.
5. I vow to always treat people how I want to be treated.
6. I vow to never take anything for granted.
7. I vow to always put my happiness first.
8. I vow to love myself.
9. I vow to challenge myself.
10. I vow to live in the moment.

Fingers crossed I will feel just as great about how my goals ended for 2017 by the end of this year. I would love to hear your goals and hopes for the year, share below or link me to your post and Happy Friday! 

(p.s. these photos are pretty serious but this book is excellent. If you haven 't had a chance to read it, I recommend picking it up. The title felt fitting as it fits exactly into what I am feeling)

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