365 Project - Week 40

365 Project - Week 40

271 : September 28

I had great plans for this day and I did some of them. My list included; breakfast, gym, dropping Kevin off, yin yoga class, library, shower, food, laundry, post office, blogging stuff, cleaning my email, and maybe taking some photos. I got the first five things done easily. Then I got home and figured instead of a shower I wanted a bath, so food first. With food came YouTube, and then a book and suddenly it was 3pm and I couldn’t handle the idea of leaving the house to go to the post office. So I distracted myself with laundry, blogging, and email until suddenly it was 5pm and I haven’t done the most important thing on my list. At least they’re open tomorrow.

272 : September 29

When I saw that Rupi Kaur was coming to Madison, I had a lot of thoughts. It started with “Hooray! I get to see her perform!” to nervous about her reading my interpretation of her poetry. Then there was the question of who would go with me. If I was in Calgary I know a few that would but here not so much. So I talked Kevin into it. Neither of us had ever been to a poetry reading and we weren’t sure it would be our thing and it still isn’t really. While we both enjoyed it, me more than Kevin, I think I prefer the peace of reading poetry found on my couch. That said we dressed up and made a night out of it. Of course I cried throughout, because I tend to do that. I am glad we went and that she came to Madison.

Bonus pictures for this day, because I liked them so much.

273 : September 30

We went on a hike. It was a lot of fun! In fact I wrote a post about it and that’ll be up on Monday!

274 : October 1

I finally was brave enough to ask for someone to take pictures at class tonight. This is the part of the cool down for tonight’s class on Aerial Silks. Usually there’s no knot in the fabric and we are working to climb up and shift the fabric freely. It’s fun, hard, and rewarding. I love flying, swinging, and being upside down. Currently I am taking 2 to 3 classes a week doing silks or lyra and in between I’m working on my strength.

275 : October 2

The plant guy at my local grocery store is pretty awesome. So it’s become a habit to talk to him before grabbing my groceries. It also means that sometimes I pick up one of his favorites. This little guy, I think will be living on my living room mantel.

276 : October 3

Well I was kinda brave enough to get pictures for this class. It was more of a prop of phone situation. While the aerial silks from two days ago is challenging because I have little upper body strength. Lyra is much harder, 90% of my bruises come from the hoop and I never feel secure like I do with the silks. I am also far from elegant. My moves are awkward and there’s no flow. I am also horrible at remembering what I am suppose to do next. All that those are things I can work on. Practice first, memory second, and elegance last.

277 : October 4

This is probably a strange photo to put on here. But this intersection finished construction this past spring (so 2018) so it’s very new. It is one of the strangest combinations of roads meeting I have ever seen and at least once a week I see some poor person driving in a lane they shouldn’t be. Take this vehicle. They stopped at my light and had three lanes of traffic come right at them. Then freaked out, drove in front of me, across six other lanes of traffic and took the turn up the highway. All the wrong direction except for that last part. Whoever designed this road did it poorly and I hope that they do something to fix this before it hurts someone.

This weeks what I read

Reflections On Male Purity and The Offloading of Shame
The Kavanaugh Hearings by John Graham
Can Farms and Forests Coexist? - Video
Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World - Video
Ness Bess “I’m not making my profile picture black. I’m already black and black women are already ignored” - a post that really made my reflect my reasons for changing my profile picture and how white women are not showing up for women of color. Stopping to check my privilege is not easy and I do not show up enough.
How to process criticism, attacks, and negative information about yourself without getting knocked flat
What are you really afraid of - Live Poetry - jar dropping. It’s so well done and so powerful
Worthy Women NC - I really want the create consent culture tee
How This Millennial Brings Body Positivity to Her Yoga Practice

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