Dear ....

Dear Instagram,

Thank you for letting me share photos and find a community of people. They are amazing. I just have one request, I receive tons of notifications and I don't have many followers or follow many people but your notifications are crazy. So your program doesn't need access to my phone number to send me mobile notifications, because you notify me enough. Could you just stop harassing me to turn this "feature" on? 


A girl who just wants to look at pretty photos.


Dear Fabletics

I have been a subscription member for over a year now. All my workout clothes are from you. You're leggings are my favorite, you're quality is good. But there is something you are missing and it has to do with boobs.

Boobs, my favorite part of my body and most time the second thing people notice about me (hair being the first). Your bras... leave much to be desired. 

You know what would be great? Bras that have separate cups and actual straps and sizing beyond xs, s, m, l, xl.


A girl who just wants to do downward dog and not be suffocated by her boobs. 


Dear Facebook

I might live my life on the internet but that doesn't mean I want my Facebook to be open to the world. Or connected to everything else. Can we please have access to settings, like who sees our shit. I mean you programmed a setting for us to say yes or no to chat heads on our phones, it can't be that much harder to allow us control settings. 


A user who thinks it's time for Facebook to die and yet is so addicted.


Dear people who put pop-ups on their websites 

If you have to do it, please make it possible to click off of it from anywhere and not just the teeny-tiny X. Please don't have more than one. Please view your website as a user, get your family and friends and maybe even children, to tell you how awesome or not your site is. 


A person who would rather click the X on the tab than an X on a pop-up.


Dear people who use ads 

Have you personally checked your blog without ad-blocker on? Because a blog post with less than three hundred words and fifteen ads plus pictures is not a fun thing to read. If you choose to use ads there are smart ways to do it. Sentence, picture, ad, sentence, etc is not the way to do it. 


A person who doesn't want to use ad-blocker. 

Dear Madison

Dear Madison, WI 

Please have a city social media platform that's usual and includes things like 

  • City events, community events.
  • Bus services and delays (though the texting subscription is pretty awesome).
  • Car accident information.
  • Snow removal and updates.
  • School updates.
  • Business share information. 

It's useful and so awesome and a great way to build a community of young people invested in your city, 


A girl who wants to live here forever.


Dear Chromecast NASA images, 

NASA has a huge selection of images to choose from, we know you have the ability to show more images than the small rotation of five you seem to repeat. 


A girl who wants to see the stars. 


Dear Jay Kristoff, Patrick Rothfuss, Brent Weeks

Can we please get new books soon? Asap. I need more words.


A girl who loves to read. 


Dear Commentors and Readers of this space, 

I love you, I appreciate you, and I want to thank you for your support. You aren't the reason I write but you are the reason I stay. Thank you for being here and encouraging me everyday to be better and kinder. Together may we change the world. 


Angela, a girl who owes her growth to the people who have been there every day. 

Dear Reader

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