365 Project - Week 7

365 Project - Week 7

40 : 365 - February 9

It's snowing out and I wanted to do something fun. So I played with my food, like any regular adult would... 

41 : 365 - February 10

The snow melt off the roof is so fascinating to me. Our roof has never had such huge icicles. 

Is this a great picture of it? No, but I wanted to remember icicles on our string of lights and I wasn't willing to step out into the foot of snow on the patio to get a better angle. 

42 : 365 - February 11

We were talking about lightening in this spot. Because it's a tricky thing to get just right here, otherwise there's weird sunbeams. 

Day 42

43 : 365 - February 12

I honestly can't believe I went outside. It was -16C, that is not weather to go outside and wander in when you don't have proper gear. But I did it and this photo is my favorite of the bunch. I was going to try to not put me in the photos for this project and so far that's two this week, but they are both pretty awesome for different reasons. 

Day 43

44 : 365 - February 13

Today was a failure in the picture taking world. It's okay to have failure days. So the left photo is from Monday the 12 and the right photo is from Wednesday the 13. It's amazing how much the flower changed in such a small time frame. 

45 : 365 - February 14

When I bring a book to a restaurant I tip well so I feel less bad about sitting there for an hour. 

Then when I walk home, I always have that song from beauty in the beast in my head and laugh at myself for reading while walking, in the winter.

46 : 365 - February 15

Tried a new type of beer. It reminded me off sugar cubes dipped in coffee and then spread on a bun. 

But the best part was the wax seal. 

Happy Friday!

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