7 Reasons to Cook with your Significant Other

7 Reasons to Cook with your Significant Other

Please welcome Stephanie from You Are My Son Shine for today's guest post. I hope you'll enjoy her post as much as I did. 

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My social media was filled with posts on Valentine’s Day of my family and friends talking about where they went to eat and what they did with their significant other, and I am reminded that there are so many couples who go out rather than have a night in together.  

One of the best ways to connect as a couple is to plan, prepare, and enjoy a meal together. When you go to a restaurant, you don’t get that accomplished feeling of doing this as a couple, and you lose some of the many benefits that go into the entire prep work of making a meal.  

1.    Plan Together

7 Reasons to Cook With Your Significant Other

Planning together for something small now, such as this meal you are going to cook together, will help prepare you for more significant decisions in the future. If you can sit down and decide on a meal, list what you need, and follow the list, then you are getting accustomed to the planning stage of life together. There are always things to plan for in life, and these can potentially be huge decisions, so learn to prepare with each other and your marriage will be stronger for it.  

2.    Conversation

One of the biggest problems with married couples is always a lack of communication. We are usually so busy that often our significant other gets pushed to the back burner. Often, even the most straightforward recipes will take at least 30 minutes between the prep and cook time, plus the time it takes to enjoy the meal, which is plenty of time for conversation.  

3.    Teamwork

When preparing a meal with someone, you have to find a way to work together. It’s up to you both to decide how you split the time. Do you each work on a different dish? Do you work together on the same recipe? Does one of you cook while the other cleans? There are many ways to divide the work, just as there will be times in life that you have to learn to work together, so this is excellent practice.  

4.    Common Interest

When you and your significant other make it a point to prepare your meals together, you are finding common ground. You may not have very many overlapping hobbies or interests, but if you make cooking one of them, then you have something you can share together for the rest of your lives. After all, we do have to eat multiple times per day!

5.    Learn Together

As in anything we do in life, there is always room for improvement, and the same goes for learning to cook. There are so many techniques and tricks and styles of cooking or baking, you can continuously learn something new. But not only are you improving your skills, you are growing together and reaching for shared goals.  

6.    Learn to Improvise

Not everything goes as planned, and that’s ok! Did you forget to buy an ingredient? Search online for a substitute and see what you can make work. Did someone forget to thaw a key ingredient? Find something else to prepare for the night. When you learn to improvise on the small things, it sets the tone for making sure you don’t panic when there are bigger setbacks in life.

7.    Food is an Aphrodisiac

Ok, we’ve all heard it, certain foods serve as an aphrodisiac. In other words, there are foods that help get you in the mood for some extracurricular activities that extend past meal time. The physical aspect of a relationship is vital to keep you in sync with one another. Try some of these foods to help whet your appetite all around: oysters, watermelon, chocolate, garlic, cinnamon, shrimp, almonds, and vanilla among many others you can find online.

Preparing a meal together is a beautiful way to enhance your relationship with your significant other. It also helps build the stepping stones for much bigger endeavors as you go further in life with that person.  

7 Reasons to Cook With Your Significant Other

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