365 Project - Week 5

365 Project - Week 5

Goodbye January, You were good to me. 

26 : 365 - January 26

The geese are hard to catch. I either don't have my camera or can't get set up fast enough to make the shoot work. But today I was lucky and had a beautiful sunset and the geese flying above. Thankfully no poop landed on me or the car. 

27 : 365 - January 27

A project I am working on. You can see more details in my Instagram stories. I can not wait for the final product!

28 : 365 - January 28

From clear roads and blue skies two days ago to snow and fire pits. I love Wisconsin and I love this guy.

29 : 365 - January 29

I walked out of my local library and past this bush and noticed these berries. One day I hope to have a yard full of plants that are just as beautiful in the winter as they are in the summer. 

30 : 365 - January 30

I treated myself to lunch and dessert. I haven't done that in a few years. It was wonderful to just sit there with no book, no phone, just my tea and some delicious food. I think everyone should do this ocassionally.

31 : 365 - January 31

I am super annoyed that I could not get the camera to fully focus on the mushroom. This would have turned out ten thousand times better if the focus had been right. New camera and still lots to learn on focus and angle. But I'll get there. 

Hello February, I'm looking forward to you

32 : 365 - February 1st 

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